10 Essential Tips To Succeed As A Freelancer!

If it is increasingly easy and advantageous to register under the legal regime of auto-enterprise when you start in the entrepreneurial adventure, succeeding in earning a living with your project turns out to be very complex. This is also why the majority of young entrepreneurs abandon their projects, after a few months of hard, but fruitless, efforts. In order to last and legally advance your micro business to the top in time and space, follow these rules! When you start an auto-entrepreneur activity, you automatically become an entrepreneur. From there, you must be able to adequately manage the risks involved in setting up your business. Before you start, it is therefore advisable to examine the various difficulties that you could encounter along the way. This will help you prepare to overcome them and protect yourself in the event of an accident.

So, don’t rush, be prepared and make caution your best ally, especially during the first year. Deepen your idea of ​​business creation, seek to understand in depth the status of auto-entrepreneur, the various charges that you must fulfill in the exercise of your profession. To do this, do not hesitate to consult the file ” creating your micro-enterprise ” in order to obtain all the details related to the status of auto-entrepreneur. In addition to this aspect, be aware that in addition to specializing in a specific sector of activity (a niche), you must acquire other specific know-how in the world of entrepreneurship. And fortunately, this know-how does not fall from the sky, you have to acquire it by learning, by training, by failing, by getting up and moving forward.

Find People To Row With, Form A Team And Escape Isolation

You can’t really succeed as an entrepreneur if you don’t learn to live and act like a good entrepreneur. So, learn how to become an entrepreneur. It is as crucial as your skills, your products or services that you offer to your customers. Imitate successful entrepreneurs, it’s the best Chile Phone Number List way to become a good entrepreneur The best way to quickly acquire this unique know-how is to read books and subscribe to a number of websites dealing with entrepreneurship. Imitate the successful entrepreneurs who have experience and who explain step by step how they managed to reach the top legally and you will be able to achieve great success in no time. To get started, research and begin by studying the 7 books above: Timothy Ferriss’ 4-Hour Workweek; Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill; Everyone deserves to be rich by Olivier Seban; 101 Ways to Transform.

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Your Life by Wayne W. Dyer; Kaufman Josh’s personal MBA; Convince in less than 2 minutes by Nicolas Boothman; Do you know who you are? by Bob Proctor. Don’t like reading? Just turn to YouTube! You will find all these books in audio version. Motivate yourself everyday, be your own guru Motivation remains a powerful lever on which you must rely daily to push forward and achieve the goals you set for yourself at the start of the adventure. All entrepreneurs experience ups and downs (at very different levels), phases of doubt, moments of joy, pain and relaxation, surmountable difficulties, temporary failures, but also victories. In short, you will also experience cycles of pleasures, failures, successes, weaknesses, triumphs and demotivations throughout your journey.

Focus Only On Important Tasks

All this is quite normal and no entrepreneur is spared, believe it. Whenever you go through disastrous moments (a drop in motivation for example), take the opportunity to enlighten your vision, Have confidence in yourself, take a step back if necessary to examine the cause of your demotivation or simply start looking for information that will help you make wise decisions. Most of the time, it is during these chaotic moments (of doubt, failures or demotivation) that you will learn the best lessons that will lead you to success, don’t forget. Constantly remind yourself of the reasons that prompted you to start the adventure If you have created or want to create your very first business, it is precisely to achieve a goal that matters to you or a rewarding objective that inspires you.

Maybe it’s to give meaning to your life, to increase your income for the month. To help people or simply to contribute to the world. So, every day try to rehash what you have chosen to undertake. To do this, write on a paper your goal and the objectives you wanted to achieve within the framework of your project.  Then declare them each morning after you wake up and each evening before you go to sleep. Read aloud in your room, your main objectives.  Those that will serve as a guideline throughout your project and believe in them. Believe in yourself, even if the people around you don’t believe in your vision. This is what many successful entrepreneurs and most successful men do. So imitate them, learn from their experience and keep moving forward.

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