2019 trends in graphic design

The beginning of the year rhymes with resolutions… and trends the world of graphic design is no exception and, at the start of the year, our team of graphic designers shares its observations with you on the trends most requested by our customers and those that are coming up in graphic design. For nearly 15 years, we have been creating visuals of all kinds for a wide variety of clients. Although each project is unique, we can draw some parallels between them. Here are the 7 main trends in graphic design for 2019, according to our point of view as an actor and observer of the industry. Simplicity bright colors return of the serif authentic photo information mapping content reuse accessibility before we start, a quick note to remind you that when it comes to graphic design, nothing is absolute, especially when it comes to trends.


The authentic photo.

We must see these conclusions as we can observe fashion, that photo retouching service is to say that it is not for everyone, and even less for all occasions however, we have identified general trends that can apply to a variety of graphic projects. Each trend is accompanied by a recent achievement from our portfolio to better illustrate our point of view. 1. Simplicity if we could sum up in one word what is the most fashionable in terms of graphic design, simplicity would win the prize. The designs are increasingly refined and minimalist. This trend is especially visible when updating the brand image of large companies. The logos are simplified to the maximum and the fonts are mainly linear and very clear. Example simplicity desjardins example of simplicity in a visual for desjardins .

photo retouching service

Return of the Serif.

Whether you like the final result or not, you should associate the CZB Directory absence of graphic elements with less work by the graphic designer. On the contrary, the balance and hierarchy of visual elements becomes even more. Visible when there is a lot of white space margin, clearance in the visual. So there are fewer graphic elements to hide layout flaws, since this trend is not just limited to logos.

On this subject, we recently wrote an article on the signs that your logo needs. A refresh or not since fewer and fewer visuals are intended solely for printing, you shouldnt be afraid to let. Them breathe, even if it adds a few pages in the end. Readability and comprehension are thus improved. 2. Bright colors in 2019, the visuals will have bright colors this trend has been going on for a few. Years now and more and more organizations are now ready to go a little more daring in their graphic design.

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