5 Tips To Do Social Media Marketing In 2016

They mainly earned their money from in-game purchases and the placing of advertisements. In terms of advertising, Azerion saw an opportunity to become a publisher itself. Subsequently, in a short period of time they have grown into an empire with innovative solutions that every (digital) marketing agency in Europe is now able to arm itself with. For example, Azerion has taken over organizations or built integrations with data, tech and creation parties such as Improve Digital, Quantum Advertising, Weborama and Lotame. A rock-solid proposition that not only offers True Native, but also finds very good solutions to attract and retain attention. There are also solutions to find and reach their target group with an accuracy of up to 10 meters on their mobile phones. In addition, they develop their own videos, banners and other expressions.

Player That Is Growing Fast

Azerion Another self-serve platform They run it on their own SSP that has undergone improvements in technology since the takeover. This makes them completely ready for a world without cookies.  Simply do not need them or have enough data in their hands via their casual gaming network. They already have all this ready in an “Azerion Market Place (AMP)”. They have been building the campaigns in it for over two years now. So it’s already Denmark Phone Number here and for some lucky advertisers among us it’s available even without their assistance. It is now also a self-serve platform. Another one and with perhaps more possibilities than that of DPG and more similarities with a platform like DoubleClick. How am I supposed to prepare for all this? If you’re a bit like me, I can actually hear you thinking: what should I do now? Am I interested in all of this? My advice: stay calm and get to the heart of your organization.


That Is Growing Fast

That is actually the key question, because what do you think is best for your campaigns and the goals of your organization? It is best to follow webinars and events from, for example, VIA or De Webwinkel Vakdagen and to talk to your agency. It is also good to make at least the following considerations for yourself in 2022: Check carefully which information is really relevant for you, your organization and your campaigns. What is the importance of hard results to you and what are you willing to give up for this? How important do you think personal control over where your ads will appear? How important do you think the appearance of your brand in advertisements is? Is your company located in a market with a very broad target group or is your customer a needle in a haystack? The more specific features needed to make the distinction, the more difficult it is and becomes to find them.

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