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Tracking Cookies A profile of the website visitor is built up with tracking cookies. For example, a modified version of the website can be displayed. These cookies follow the surfing behavior of the visitor, so that he can receive personalized offers or advertisements even while surfing on other websites. For example, it is possible that he sees a previously viewed webshop item (or catalog bride) reappear on other websites. Moreover some of these cookies Italy Phone Number others are set by third parties (advertisers, newsfeeds, plug-insIn the first case we talk about first-party cookies, in the second about third-party cookies. Incidentally, I was wrong in my assumption. That cookies are always small files that are installed on the user’s computer. It was indeed twenty years ago, but now the concept of ‘cookie’ has been broadened.

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The law talks about to store or access information in a user’s peripherals via an electronic communications network. Interesting fact: there are even cookies that ensure that you can agree to the use or not of cookies. Should we be afraid of cookies? Depends who you ask. On the internet I come across a lot of fearful people who say that cookies violate our privacy. That they belong in a cookie box, not on a computer. But is this fear justified? I admit: if you allow cookies that have the purpose of saving your personal preferences, you can indeed speak of an invasion of privacy. You may indeed reason: it’s none of my business that I have a preference for Nike sneakers, plane holidays to Tunisia and Eastern European women called Natascha and Tatiana.


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If it is indeed a problem for you that a website collects this information, then that is completely okay. In the cookie preferences, simply do not give permission to place such cookies.I find that reassuring. Cookies How do you as a company ensure that you are safe ? I mentioned at the beginning of this article a fine that was handed out to a Belgian site for not having their cookie statement in order. The site had to pay €15,000. (Ironically, this site provides legal advice.) However, as a website owner you don’t want to pay a fine, so you have to make sure that your site is in order. You do this as follows. Check whether your site uses cookies Not every website uses them, so not every site is required to list its cookies. However, there is a very good chance that your site does use cookies.

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