A Career In Consulting: From Recruitment To The Client Project, An Obstacle Course?

The requirement linked to the profession of strategy consultant is evident from the procedure for selecting candidates by the consulting firms, and continues throughout the various assignments with clients which will punctuate the professional career of the young graduates recruited. Seen by some as a springboard and by others as a priesthood, this profession requires specific qualities. Every year, several thousand young graduates from the best engineering and business schools join the consulting profession. But the unanimous opinion is that this profession requires strong motivation. The obstacle course begins with a particularly demanding, long and selective recruitment process. It includes several “rounds” of interviews with his future colleagues and potential hierarchical superiors.

includes the exercise of the case study, where the candidate will have to demonstrate, from specific business cases, that he is able to bring added value to the clients of the firm in which he is applying. Structure their thoughts, practice active listening, pose their working hypotheses, build their reasoning and recommendations on facts, have self-confidence, communicate their ideas and analyses, identify information with added value for the client, have common sense and “business sense”, move easily from one theme to another, show creativity: these are all the abilities expected of candidates during these tests, according to the site specialized in the training and coaching of strategy consulting candidates. But when you get an offer from a firm, the game is not won.

Consulting: Springboard Or Career?

“Many young consultants, after having passed the selection tests, find themselves in a delicate situation, due Cyprus Mobile Number List to a lack of anticipation of their suitability for the day-to-day job. And the rate of contracts that do not pass the trial period is not negligible, ”warns the site. A demanding job “Diversity of missions, high level of exposure, discovery of different sectors of activity, high level of employees, good salary… The advantages are not lacking, but the disadvantages that go with it should not be overlooked: stress, intensive pace , frequent trips, constant management of the unforeseen, weak managerial skills of the partners…”, testifies a 35-year-old consultant on Consultor, a (paying) consulting portal. “In addition, some missions are hectic, but others less exciting which makes the motivation “sinusoidal””. For him, “consulting experience is often only an extension of studies.

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A demanding but rewarding application, often exciting and well paid”. “The job is well paid but demanding. It is intellectually stimulating but involves working with a very small time scale. It is therefore a question of arbitrating between many subjects”, summarizes the study-de-cas.fr site. Renewed managerial practices For Gilles Bonnenfant, president of Eurogroup Consulting, a strategy, management and organization consulting firm, which supports some 200 clients in the private and public sphere in complex transformation projects, “the ideal candidate is above all curious. Curious about subjects, techniques, cultures and people. He has professional rigor and knows how to get out of his space. He must be bold, empathetic and humble.

Renewed Managerial Practices

We are demanding in terms of know-how, but also of interpersonal skills”. A know-how that Eurogroup Consulting cultivates in particular by involving its consultants and managers in the mentoring of start-ups that the consulting firm incubates at home. Mobilizing HR logics at offering employees experiences at the heart of the new economies , whether digital or the responsible economy. Intrapreneurial projects are also , such as the one that gave birth to Eurogroup Consulting’s digital partner, La Javaness. “The profiles we are looking for are strong autonomous personalities, and they the opportunity to build their own path”. For several years, through its employer brand, Eurogroup Consulting has been developing a “free spirit” culture.

“I believe that this profession is above all a vocation”. Considers the president of Eurogroup Consulting, sweeping away certain received ideas. “Of course, talking about a vocation to a twenty-five-year-old entering the council may seem strange to him. But I believe that, in this profession.  There a sincere desire to support people, to develop them and to make them more independent.  While being able to carry out a rigorous approach. In this register, the company was among the first to offer, more than fifteen years ago, skills sponsorship. “This social usefulness is a factor of attractiveness, pleasure and commitment for young graduates, emphasizes Gilles Bonnenfant. Beyond the technical or academic aspects, we are looking for passionate and committed personalities.

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