A Magazine in Which They Share Background Information About

Long story short, music can deliver a complete brand experience. Something that you as a brand can also do with a playlist within Spotify. Collect songs that perfectly match your brand, and convey the feeling you want to create with your products. This way you can become a little more integrated into your customer’s life. And build that relationship you’re looking for. Gucci Spotify playlist. 2. Responding to current events A lot is happening around us. Brands that know how to respond to this often have an advantage. For example, Maje has built a ‘Dream tomorrow’ campaign around their eco-friendly fashion. Dream tomorrow. Is this an important pillar for you and for your customers? Then these kinds of actions can create a stronger connection between the two. The future is something we can’t ignore, especially not because all of our choices today affect it. As a customer you get a better feeling about your purchase, if you know that it is also better for the world. 3.

In Which They Share Background Information About

Inspiration Channel The best thing you can do as a brand is to inspire others. Therefore, think beyond your products. Think of how you can inspire from your products to a more beautiful, better or richer life. The Haarlem wine merchant Okhuysen publishes their ‘Vine Vine use’ five times a year : a magazine in which they High School Coaches Email List share background information about wines, winemakers and wine regions. What they do here very cleverly is to contribute to the wine knowledge of their customers. Customers who often aspire to a Burgundian life and who like to taste the most beautiful wines and let their surroundings enjoy themselves. Also read: Avoid a Summer Slump: 15 Social Media Content Ideas [Infographic] By offering this knowledge, Okhuysen adds value to their (potential) customers. Wines are better understood, and therefore also bought earlier and given (to others). Okhuysen magazine.


They Share Background Information About

The most important lesson from this is that common topics can create that desired customer relationship. Of course you don’t have to publish a magazine right away. You can also talk about these topics on your social channels, your blog, or your other marketing communications. 4. Shoppable quizzes What is a shoppable quiz? A questionnaire that makes it easier for your target group to arrive at a desired product. For example, consider a quiz for products that are most suitable for specific skin types or wishes. Or a quiz with which you can come up with personalized vitamins or protein shakes. With a shoppable quiz you actually kill two birds with one stone: You make it easier for customers to come up with a product that suits their needs, without overloading them with options. As a marketer, you can collect more information about the product preferences of your target group, so that you can respond better to them. Gainful’s Quiz Gainful offers supplements for a healthy and fit body. And because there are so many options in terms of supplementation, they help their customers with a personalized method.

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