A Platform That Allows Combining 4g and 5g Simultaneously

This is how you make advertising recognizable It is up to the advertiser or possibly the influencer himself to. Know how to ensure that advertising is recognizable. Furthermore, you can of course choose to state that there is advertising. Or you can unsubscribe or you can use hashtags. Mentioning that it is a collaboration, a product has been received or there was an invitation to an event is enough. If it concerns an affiliate deal, it is sufficient to mention the word affiliate or aff in that expression. With a series of stories on Instagram, you only have to mention this in the first and last story of the series. It is important that the words used do, of course, represent the truth.  Then it is better to use words such as collaboration, made possible by, spon or ad.

Platform That Allows Combining 4g and 5g Simultaneously

Does the influencer make an extra post, Story, Reel or IGTV for free? Cool! The fact that there is no immediate payment in return, while that may have been the case for other expressions, does not relieve you as an advertiser and the influencer from the obligation to state the commercial link between advertiser and influencer in one way or another. Don’t manipulate It’s actually quite simple: be transparent Sweden WhatsApp Number List and honest. Don’t try to be sneaky or manipulate. Then it’s actually fine. Keep in mind: what is clear to you, with all the professional knowledge you have, is not by definition clear to people who have no idea how advertising works or who are, for example, very poorly educated.


That Allows Combining 4g and 5g Simultaneously

And it is that, although the devices continue to generate attention, this year 5G has monopolized all the prominence. One of the companies that has set its sights on the development of this network is Ericsson which, through its president, Birje Ekbom , outlined the steps that the company intends to follow to adopt this technology.  The objective is to bet on Ericsson Spectrum Sharing , a platform that allows combining 4G and 5G simultaneously, giving total coverage to the territories in a profitable way and for which it has acquired the Katheryn mobile network antenna and filter company.

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