A Survey Question You Could Ask

That is also a nice addition. By combining a catchy narrative description with the right bullet points, you optimize the formula for your product description. 5. Use storytelling to your advantage Storytelling can help build a relationship with customers. With a good story you can convey a powerful message in a short time. Does your product have a background story that is special to you? Then there is a good chance that it will also make your product more special for your audience. A backstory makes your product description warmer and more human. This way you involve the audience and you win the visitors. They usually respond better and faster to this than to seeing only facts and figures. Ernest Wright uses storytelling to get their story across. This family business, which was taken over by a Dutchman, markets scissors. The first thing you see when you visit the site is the story behind the brand.

Survey Question You Could Ask

Only then will the details come. This is exactly how storytelling can work in your favor. Wright SEO product text 6. Show your best side When your web visitors aren’t sure which product to buy, they’ll look for suggestions on what to buy. Do only the highest number of positive reviews play a role? No, there are even more ways to include social Syria B2B List proof in your product descriptions.  Your product unique because of the designer’s expertise? Is your product better after years of testing? Is it handmade? Or distinguished with a price? List all those details. Look for what can set your product apart from the rest. The answer to this question is important to convey what will get your product bought. In the descriptive paragraph about their classic, the Auronde, Auping emphasizes the designer Frans de la Haye. Auping SEO product text.


Question You Could Ask

And VanMoof is happy to show that they have received the Red Dot Award for their electric bicycle. It can be just that extra push towards a sale. In this case, the price was for their previous bike, but they added it anyway. The new model is an improved version, so they’ll be forgiven for that. VanMoof product text. Tell a story in the first short paragraph describing your product. You do this by including details that prove why your product stands out from the rest. Take a look at the following example of HEMA in collaboration with Studio Job. Together they have designed a unique collection. The product is only available from HEMA. The product is relatively simple and cheap, but the combination with the sturdy designer means the product is displayed in the most attractive way. Product text HEMA cool bag. 7. Gain trust?

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