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However, it seems that this concept will not only Hong Kong Phone Number water the coffers of those.  Who are already big in the world of fashion, but it will Hong Kong Phone Number also fill. The pockets of much smaller and more modest designers. And if not, to show a button. Monica Louise, a young Canadian digital clothing designer barely 28 years old, is making gold in the largest “metaverse” in Asian lands: Zepeto .

Meta Has Established A Special Operations Center

Based in South Korea, Zepeto has Hong Kong Phone Number almost 250 million users . Who walk through this “metaverse” equipped with avatars or digital representations of themselves. Such avatars need to dress up in clothes and that is why the virtual fashion Hong Kong Phone Number market is fuming on Zepeto .A whopping 1.6 billion fashion items have already been sold according to Business Insider .

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The “metaverse” is already generating a lot of money with the sale of digital clothing Monica Louise. Who designs and sells digital clothing , is benefiting from the irresistible rise of virtual fashion in Zepeto . Thanks to her designs, Monica Louise, also known as Monica Quin, manages to Hong Kong Phone Number pocket a salary of up to six figures. The designer sells her clothes using the virtual currency used for transactions on Zepeto: “zems”.

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