Try To Add Some Micro Conversions

Application to digital marketing Through Google Stadia, gamers can purchase and launch their games through a library. Google attaches great importance to user-friendliness, so they will want to subtly, or at least hardly disturb, incorporate such advertisements into the platform. Ads in the dashboard The image below shows an example of how Microsoft has implemented this in the Xbox One dashboard, with ad units on the right side of the screen. A common complaint on the internet is that these are hardly relevant. If Google can link to the user’s Google account, it can show ads that better match the user’s interests. The result is not only that the user experiences the advertisements as less disturbing, but possibly also that the user interacts with the ad. Example: Microsoft Xbox One dashboard.

Add Some Micro Conversions

Display ads in the games Another possibility is to offer display messages within video games themselves. It sounds advanced and probably won’t be a possibility in the short term, but it’s certainly an opportunity in which Google could specialize. Currently, a third party, Anzuspecialized in this. Google can certainly take an example of that. You could Australia Business Fax List think of posters in adventure games or banners in sports games. If Google builds a buying opportunity for this, marketers can expose gamers inside their game to relevant ads that align with the game they’re playing now. Or more concretely: on their own interests on the basis of the data that Google has already collected from the gamer so far.


Some Micro Conversions

While interacting with the ad based on clicks becomes difficult in-game, the relevance of the ad can be high in this way. Video advertising on Stadia Stadia can also be of added value for video advertising. It is in fact possible to make gaming recordings of the game session with Stadia. In addition, YouTube is a well-known part of Google. A fast connection between Stadia and YouTube should make it easier to post relevant content about a gaming topic.  In addition to YouTube, social is also suitable for this. For example, a gamer could post screenshots and videos to an Instagram account. Although YouTube is the major player in game vlogs, social channels certainly offer opportunities for this.

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