Advertisers Who Go Against The Rules

The most famous affiliate networks with advantages and disadvantages. After the preparation phase, you can start setting up the campaign. Phase 2: setting up the affiliate campaign Phase 2 is setting up the affiliate campaign. Now that you have chosen a network, it is very important to give the campaign a complete content right from the start. The image below lists the components that are important in phase 2.Affiliate marketing campaign phase 2. Phase 3: campaign management and optimization Phase three is part of the final phase before you can start your affiliate campaign. If you have picked up the points from phase 2, then you have a good basis for a campaign. Now it is important to manage the campaign in such a way that the affiliates are satisfied with it. And more importantly, stay satisfied. The image below shows the most important steps in phase 3.Affiliate marketing campaign phase 3In addition to the three phases of an affiliate marketing campaign, a few more tips are listed below to monitor it successfully.

Who Go Against The Rules

4 tips to monitor the affiliate campaign To be able to monitor the affiliate campaign successfully, I share four tips below. 1. Monitor campaigns regularly It is important to monitor the results of the campaigns regularly, preferably daily. It is possible that the results of the affiliate campaign do not improve or that a (wrongly) high conversion rate or sales are detected. This could mean that something is not right. For example, a high conversion can also Croatia WhatsApp Number List indicate fraud in addition to success. 2. Clear guidelines Make sure you clearly specify which conditions and guidelines you use when starting the campaign. Also look closely at the quality and reliability of the affiliates.


Go Against The Rules

If you are in doubt about its relevance or reliability, it is a good idea to consider whether you want to allow these affiliates. Try to keep track of which affiliates contribute the most to the company as much as possible. This way you can also recognize which affiliates are new. 4. Fraud still occurs Affiliate marketing regularly involves fraud. The main reason for this is that many affiliates work with a structure that is not clear. Common forms of fraud include cookie dropping, promoting non-existent discount codes, spam, and copying an ad from another organization (also known as ad hijacking). To recognize fraud, it is important that you check all data regularly. These are, for example, the numbers, conversion, SEO/SEA position and conspicuousness in terms of time. Hopefully the above tips will help you set up an affiliate marketing campaign that scores as an advertiser. Do you have any additional tips? Let us know in the comments. Good luck!

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