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In its purest version, the metaverse rides Turkey Phone Number above all on the back of experience and not so much on the back of the physical world. The metaverse  as technologists conceive. It is a space of possibilities that shelters within. It a plethora Turkey Phone Number of visions (often contradictory) where nobody knows what the final result will be.

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In the eyes of brands  marketers Turkey Phone Number and journalists . The metaverse remains on the surface of what already exists and is directly related to immersive spaces such as Roblox .  Fortnite and Decentraland, NFTs and virtual reality. For Turkey Phone Number brands  marketers and journalists.  It is easier to imagine what the metaverse will be like based Turkey Phone Number on. What they already see and not so much on a future of an intangible nature.

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The truth is that neither Roblox nor NFTs nor virtual reality Turkey Phone Number are the metaverse (although all will play a more or less relevant role in the development of this concept). The tools that we already have at our fingertips today (Fortnite, Horizon, OpeSea or Roblox) will Turkey Phone Number probably help shape the metaverse of the future, but they are not the future.

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