All Three Films Had An Effect

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Three Films Had An Effect

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Films Had An Effect

In the run-up to the national elections of March 15-17, 2021, as a frequent YouTube user, I have seen many election advertisements, from many political parties, many times. There are three that have stayed with me as a pitch coach. Because they raise the question of whether it is possible to get a political message across in extremely little time. Because YouTube has a ‘skip ads’ button that you can (usually) click after 5 seconds to bypass the ad. All three films had an effect on me every time they came along, both as a voter and professionally as a pitch coach. In this article I analyze what that effect is and why it works that way. And I’m very curious if they had that effect on you too. I look at what is left out, so at the art of omission. I want to talk about 3 films: a short and a long one by Groen Links and a short one by D66.  D66: omission of specificity Let’s start with D66’s.

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