Although Influencers As We Know Them

Children of influencers on social media The interest of the followers of these Instagrammers and YouTubers is largely related to the presence of their offspring in their videos and photos. But this is a lot less regulated for online campaigns on the channels of the influencers. The dividing line between working and simply being present may be more difficult to determine online than when it comes to clips on television or online advertising campaigns. A child helping her mother cook can seem very natural. But what if it turns out to be a sponsored snippet for meal service HelloFresh? Is there work then? View this post on Instagram A post shared by Maxime Meiland (@maximemeiland) Claire (3) works too much Last week it came out that the three-year-old Claire from the successful SBS 6 program Chateau Meiland will no longer be in the picture without borders .

Influencers As We Know Them

The inspectorate of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment ruled that the toddler may only be on television to a limited extent. But on social media, such restrictions do not apply. In theory, Claire (3) can be used endlessly for campaigns for her mother’s Nepal Phone Number List Instagram channel. And she has unlimited features in the clips shared on this popular account. Also read: More traffic, leads & sales with influencer marketing There are certainly influencers who deliberately keep their children out of the picture. But the majority seem to have no problem sharing pictures of their kids. And for some, it may be a major determinant of the success of their channel. Mommy blogger and kid in front of camera.


As We Know Them

Children & permission to be shown on social media Another concern is the effect of their presence in their parents’ online content. In many cases, the children will not have explicitly consented to their presence in their father or mother’s shared content. But the reach of my online content seems limited as this is a closed account. Open accounts with a lot of followers, such as those of mommy influencers, have a much greater reach. As a result, it is not or hardly clear who the recipient of this content is. The consequences of sharing these photos and videos are therefore incalculable. The effect of influencers on their children Although influencers as we know them on Instagram are still a fairly new profession, we are slowly coming to know what effect this has on the lives of their children.

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