Consideration Among The Target Group

More and more consumers chose to order online – good for e-commerce! April 14 is seen as the busiest day . This day was even busier online than during Black Friday 2019. Also read: Personalization in e-commerce: the next step for more conversion At the start of the pandemic, 20% of people reported spending more online . It is now around 35%. The reason for ordering more online is safety. After all, you can avoid people (crowds) and it comes with ease. In March, the supermarkets and takeaway webshops were the big winners. The last few weeks, gardening supplies have been going really fast. During the first weeks of the crisis, you saw a number of things happen. The option to pick up packages became more difficult as stores closed. Many consumers started working from home, so they were always at home for the delivery person.

Among The Target Group

In addition, it became more difficult for companies to get packages to consumers within a day. As our stores closed and online demand peaked, we faced inventory issues. We had to switch very quickly to a centralized stock and sent the stock from the stores back to the warehouse as quickly as possible. – E-commerce manager of a national Sri Lanka B2B List retail chain This is the time for sustainable delivery Research shows that your conversion increases if you make the time for ‘next day delivery’ as late as possible. During the beginning of the crisis, as a consumer you had to wait longer than ever for your order. To what extent is this USP still important? It emerged from conversations with various e-commerce managers that consumers were especially understanding if the package was more expensive for a little longer. It is important that you communicate this well during the ordering process.


The Target Group

Despite the fact that consumers did not mind waiting a little longer during the crisis, most companies have simply returned to the ‘order today, delivered tomorrow’ principle. The costs for this fast shipment are just as high and the warehouses are used to working like this. In recent months, consumers have become accustomed to the fact that it is not always possible to have your products ordered today at home tomorrow. Now is the time for a company to push ahead and offer sustainable ordering options.E-commerce PostNL Marketplaces At the beginning of this year, the marketplace was really only about the arrival of Amazon in the Netherlands. On March 10, we were all anxiously awaiting the launch. In the end it all worked out. E-commerce competitor has only grown and is still the ‘ Dutch favorite marketplace ‘.

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