Patient And Let the Algorithm Optimize

The result: you reach many people in your target group, thereby increasing your brand awareness and ultimately the conversion. Google Display Network In the Netherlands, about 95% of internet users can be reached via the Google Display Network. This high reach is due to more than 2 million publishers belonging to the Google Display Network. These are not only small websites, but also large websites. Some well-known international examples are: YouTube, Gmail and Blogspot., and are Dutch examples of large publishers. Google has by far the largest market share as a search engine in the Netherlands. According to figures from the fourth quarter of 2018, 93.78% of desktop searches were via Google’s search engine. In addition, 98.38% of the searches via Google were via smartphone and 97.39% via tablet.

And Let the Algorithm Optimize

You can conclude from this that the use of advertisements via the Google (Display) Network can lead to good reach figures and that you as an organization cannot actually get away with it by not advertising via Google. In this article I will take you through the countless targeting options that you can use with Google Ads. You will also find a very Rwanda B2B List handy and simple spreadsheet in which you can see all (non-custom) targeting options (+1100) for sisplay, search and video in an overview. By filtering you can quickly see which targeting options are most suitable for your target group. Targeting based on keywords One way that is common and that you can use effectively is keyword targeting.


Let the Algorithm Optimize

Contextual advertising means that you can target corresponding content on websites from the Google Display Network based on entered keywords. Target audiences There are seven types of audience targeting within Google Ads. Affinity demographics Life events Custom intent, In-market Similar audiences Remarketing Customer match 1. Affinity The affinity of the target group is about the interests and habits of the target group. Here are a large number of subcategories, allowing you to choose (almost) any affinity. This makes it possible for organizations in all kinds of industries to target a specific target group. You can also add a custom affinity target group yourself (custom affinity). This can be done by adding relevant interests, URLs or apps. 2. Targeting by demographics You can target different demographics. This includes ‘age’, ‘gender’, ‘parental status’ and ‘family income’.

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