And With the Passing of the Months These Possibilities Are Already

Whatever you do in terms of bidding strategies, your focus is always on achieving customer growth. And that means that you are constantly looking for the right balance between price competition, auction competition and conversion rate. 5. Using CSS Partners I promised earlier: I would come back to using a CSS partner for the Shopping campaigns. Since 2017 it is possible to offer your Shopping campaigns through an alternative to Google, a CSS partner. CSS here stands for Comparison Shopping Services , and in fact it is just a comparison site. The reason Google started this is a lawsuit that ruled that Google was starting to become too monopoly, and had to be able to offer alternatives to suppliers of products. The result was the inclusion of other shopping providers in Google’s overview. For you as a seller, this means that you can end up in Google Shopping in different ways. You can submit your product data to a CSS, but you can also use multiple CSS partners. Google Shopping and CSS partners example.

With the Passing of the Months These Possibilities Are Already

Image source: Google The advantage of a CSS Do you offer your products through a non-Google CSS? Then you actually do the same as with Merchant Center, only you pay less for it. We are currently working with Product hero ‘s platform that promises a 20% lower cost per click. In fact, that should result in a 20% increase in sales. That’s not always true, but it does deliver better results than Shopping campaigns through Google’s CSS. In addition, CSS partners often offer additional tools that Google Commercial Property Owners Database does not offer. Think, for example, of campaign segmentation based on the aforementioned benchmark report. But you also have an optimizer , for example, with which you can adjust the product texts. This makes it easier to come forward and have more influence on how you are shown. We recommend advertising through a CSS partner rather than through Google itself. You have more influence on your results, and therefore easily get a lot more out of it. Do you want to know more?


Passing of the Months These Possibilities Are Already

Then take a look at , or . 6. Remarketing And then I come to our last Google Shopping tactic: setting up your remarketing. The basis of remarketing is having your data in order. Especially with the phasing out of third party cookies , you want to have this set up properly before you lose your data. If you want to measure everything properly for remarketing, you have to set up incoming events correctly, such as: Product page views. Shopping basket additions. Check out process steps. And of course the final purchase. Have you not set your data correctly? Then you cannot steer on events, remarketing or turnover. And with the passing of the months, these possibilities are already disappearing step by step. Until it is no longer transparent in 2023. You can already see it with the latest iOS update and Facebook, for example. If you have not set up the conversion API correctly, you will no longer have insight into events and you will receive obscured data.

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