Another Scenario That You Can Think

I see successful competitors working around me from ecosystems that are decentrally powered with cryptocurrencies on the blockchain. In this way, value addition does not stop after clocking out, but the added value works in several directions. If only we had actively created space to think about how we could innovate our business model before it was too late. What will your agency look like in 10 years? The above thought experiment uses the ‘ Postmortem Mindtrick ‘. By putting yourself in a different mental thought and letting your thoughts run free, you sometimes get different insights that can improve the quality of your decisions in the present. What will your agency look like in 10 years? And what steps can you already take to move in that direction? Please leave a comment below this article. You have set your target audience, budget, and objective and are ready to start advertising on Facebook.

Scenario That You Can Think

All you have to do is write an ad copy… And that turns out to be more difficult (and more important) than you think! Why do some Facebook ads get a lot of clicks and others don’t? Your Facebook ad stands or falls with strong ad text! The Facebook settings ensure that the ad appears on the correct target group on their timeline. But how do you Mexico B2B List make sure a potential customer takes the time to read the ad and doesn’t scroll any further? I share 7 tips for your Facebook ad . 1. Please observe the advertising policy in the Facebook ad It’s not the most fun to start with, but most importantly, read the Facebook ad policy carefully. This prevents you from having to start writing again or having your ad account blocked. Concepts that have to do with making money often do not pass the check.



That You Can Think

And Facebook is also careful with topics such as ‘losing weight. So you want to avoid phrases like “make money fast” or “lose weight fast”. Use your creativity to work around this: “Achieving a healthy weight” and “more freedom and independence” are alternatives that make Facebook happy. 2. Identify the customer’s problem or pain point The customer encounters a problem, and your product or service offers him the solution. Respond well to this pain and ensure that the customer recognizes himself in it. If you’re advertising Facebook ad writing tips, a potential problem for the customer is not getting enough clicks. Or pump a lot of money into Facebook ads with no results or simply don’t know where to start advertising. Name this at the beginning of your ad. Asking questions to which you already know the answer works well. Do you also want more results from your Facebook ad?

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