Are You Starting to Apply Auto Applied Recommendations

Simplified account structure Simplified account structure Key take-aways for SEA in 2022 Here is a brief overview of which SEA trends will dominate in 2022 and how you as a marketer can respond to this: By using Auto Applied Recommendations (AAR), you improve the quality of your Google Ads account and implement best practices by default. This saves you valuable time, which you can then use to optimize the SEA strategy of your account. Get the maximum results by using the new Google feature Performance Max campaigns , where you advertise across different Google Advertising channels with one campaign. As a marketer it is interesting to respond to the sustainable trend and to advertise on purpose driven search engines . This can be an excellent addition to the sustainable or socially responsible intentions of your company or your customers. Purpose driven search engines such as Eloisa, DuckDuckGo and Ocean Hero are Microsoft partners.

 Starting to Apply Auto Applied Recommendations

POAS (Profit On Ad Spend) allows you to assess the profitability of your ads and increase the efficiency of your campaigns. Due to the loss of optimization options within campaigns, it is important to look at the profitability of your ads! Preparing for a first-party data future is also important in 2022, because Google Freight Forwarders Brokers Email List has shifted the cessation of third-party data to 2023. Prepare with Conversion Modeling & data-driven attribution. RSA will become the standard ad in 2022, so say goodbye to the ETA. Fifteen headlines and four descriptions will become the foundation of your campaigns. Simplify your campaign structure using the Hagakure method , which bundles keywords within a number of ad groups. These are then classified per landing page. This ensures a simplified account structure and gives you a maximum amount of data per campaign. Which search trend are you following? What will you start with next year?


Apply Auto Applied Recommendations

Are you starting to apply Auto Applied Recommendations or are you using Performance Max campaigns for your Google Ads? Do you take steps in your sustainability plan by advertising on purpose-driven search engines or do you opt for a simplified campaign structure by applying Hagakure? Whatever opportunities you seize, in 2022 there are also a number of changes that you cannot ignore. POAS is becoming the new ROAS, ETAs are being scrapped and the first-party data future is just around the corner. Column – Can you just be a ‘woke’ as a brand or is that being punished by consumers and investors? And can a popular celeb or influencer lose star status – and with it brand value – by 1 wrong step? I look at the use of rainbow diversity in communication and the woke aspect of it*. If you take it one step further and you use diversity-related themes, people don’t understand it at all: Get Woke, Go Broke .

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