As an Advertiser You Can Do a Lot More With This

It is precisely this integration of branding and performance that will only become more important.  But due to the possibilities that the internet offers, it is no longer logical to limit yourself to this online. It is precisely this framing that will limit growth in many cases. Your campaign may not show good results within the total group of ‘women aged 30 to 40’, but it does show among the segment ‘women aged 30 to 40 who live in The Hague and use an iPhone’. By framing it beforehand, that entire segment would never have been approached. So you may not even find out what you’re missing out on. The nice thing is that the focus on segments and intentions can already be partly automatic in many cases.

Advertiser You Can Do a Lot More With This

Based on (historical) data, these algorithms learn better and better which combinations work well in your case. As an advertiser you can do a lot more with this. You can implement the focus on segments and intentions from start to finish, for example showing different segments different propositions. 17. Stop with fixed marketing budgets, take the brake off your return If you work according to the principle Manufacturing Email List that every dollar invested in marketing must contribute to the financial company objectives at the bottom of the line, then it does not make sense to work with a fixed marketing budget. Why would you do that as a company? It creates a semblance of control. Uncapping budgets.

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You Can Do a Lot More With This

If the relationship between investments and returns can be clearly demonstrated, the investments in marketing should in fact simply form a ‘variable cost item’ within the P&L and budget. As long as it contributes to the realization of the business objectives, this item should be able to continue to grow indefinitely. 18. Do not send on a fixed CPA, CPS or CPL Steering on the wrong KPIs can in some cases turn out to be even worse than working without KPIs. If you measure a lot, that does not mean that the correct KPIs are also being steere. In many cases we still focus on KPIs that do not always match the desired effects for the entire company. Many advertisers steer on a fixed CPA, CPS or CPL. Not logical, because in those cases the focus is on the efficiency of individual (trans)actions instead of the desired results at the bottom. Just like working with fixed marketing budgets, working with a fixed CPA, CPS or CPL can put a huge brake on your growth.

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