At the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona ​​they Do Not Stop

In the same way that users can use their credit cards with their mobile phones or watches, the . Community of Madrid wants to offer this same possibility to commuters on the underground.  This way it will not be necessary to carry the card with you. It will be enough to pass the mobile over the readers to access it. The pilot program also explores the possibility of the mobile phone also becoming a device both for consultation and for recharging the balance through an app. Currently, 400 users try this new service, although the Ministry of Transport indicates that it seeks to increase this figure to 1,000 this February. Although it is still taking its first steps in the market, the possibilities for consumers are so wide that everything indicates that it will not cost them to be one more in homes around the world.

Mobile World Congress in Barcelona ​​they Do Not Stop

But the voice not only offers opportunities to individuals, it also becomes the best ally for brands that have before them the gateway to the most private place of consumers and, therefore, to their tastes and habits. It remains to be seen how the brands will be present in homes, but, from the outset, it seems that the audience is much more receptive to commercial messages when they reach them Spain WhatsApp Number List through the voice.  Likewise, 39% believe that they generate more engagement. The analysis also shows the evolution of the adoption of loudspeakers in the American market, which has increased by 4% since last August. Currently, 36% of the consumers participating in the study have one of these devices in their home.


World Congress in Barcelona ​​they Do Not Stop

The frequency of consumption is also growing because, if in August 71% claimed to use it at least once or several times a day, today the percentage rises to 75%. When it comes to the devices in which users demand the integration of assistants, 42% point to the television and 29% to the car. In fact, 32% consider it an important factor when purchasing a television. As for the most frequent uses, 74% use it to play music and 66% to know the time. However, it is noteworthy that its use has decreased in actions such as the order of food at home, which stands at 14% compared to 17% in the month of August or in the purchase, which falls to 26% from 30%. from a few months ago. At the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, ​​they do not stop talking about 5G , another year.

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