Automation Has Become an Indispensable Part of Your Campaigns

Inject your campaign with emotion Painters in the 17th century already knew that human emotion is a powerful tool for getting a ‘click’ with the viewer. It increases empathy and makes a message stick better. Feelings such as joy and (positive) surprise are obvious, but negative emotions such as disgust, anger or fear can also be of added value. Always ask yourself what feeling your campaign evokes, and whether that emotion actually fits your brand and your objectives. It seems tempting to avoid negative emotions like disgust, anger, or fear. However, these can also have the desired effect. For example, SIRE’s most successful and memorable campaigns are often the ones that shock the most. You can also use this as a commercial brand. For example, insurer Interpol is surprised friend and foe with a confrontational video about the consequences of inattention and the use of smartphones in traffic. Think carefully about whether you want to express yourself as a brand in this way.

Has Become an Indispensable Part of Your Campaigns

Also keep in mind the limitations of the chosen social media channel. Of course you can also combine this with other channels. In 2014, for example, this Budweiser ad was loved for its emotional story. Using a puppy certainly helped with this as well. Years later, Budweiser adapted this ad to the circumstances in which we now live. That move also turned out to be a bull’s eye. How do you ensure a Accounting, Bookkeeping Email List human and authentic face of your brand? I hope to inspire you to start a conversation with your target group, to stay involved and that negative attention can also have a positive effect. Play on emotion, create a face for your brand and stay authentic. We are already approaching the end of the year. For companies and marketers, the moment to look ahead, set goals and determine the marketing budget for 2022. In this article I’ll tell you about the Google Ads trends for 2022. Are you curious about what your campaigns should meet next year? Then read on!


Become an Indispensable Part of Your Campaigns

Automation has become an indispensable part of your campaigns. Almost every new change within Google Ads is dominated by automation. Increasingly, marketers are testing smart bidding and other automated bidding strategies, such as Target CPA or Target ROAS. Where one marketer is lyrical, another gets red marks. The big advantage for marketers is of course the fact that you can save a lot of time with automated campaigns. If we look at the other side, it is also a bit ‘scary’. By automating your campaigns you have less grip on your campaigns and the result, quite exciting! Google BERT Not long ago, Google introduced BERT: the biggest algorithm update in the past 5 years ( Searchenginejournal, 2019 ). Based on millions of searches, Google has made changes to its algorithm to show better results on more complex searches. In particular, context-based searches are affected by the BERT update. Good for you as a marketer to know what steps you can take against this.

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