Because This Platform Makes Products

You’ve probably seen them when you were looking for a product on Google: the visual product listings. Previously they were organic, but then Shopping became an advertising channel. Since October 2020 it has become (in the Netherlands) a combination, with both sponsored and unsponsored product listings. Whether you have a local store full of nice trinkets or work at a large (international) chain: if you want to reach more potential customers for your products via Google Shopping, your adventure starts with the Google Merchant Center . What is the Google Merchant Center? How do you make it? And can you use it? I will explain that to you in this article. What is the Google Merchant Center? Recently I was looking for a waste bin for my kitchen counter. Yes I know, not the hippest product. But I did need it and since I couldn’t buy it in the store, because yes – corona – it is a good example to show you what you can do with the Google Merchant Center as a company.

This Platform Makes Products

I can imagine a description like “The Google Merchant Center is the place to manage your product feeds, so you can list your products paid and unpaid on Google and reach more potential customers.” doesn’t immediately ring a bell. The description doesn’t quite cover me either. Back to my search for a waste bin that should be functional, but also look a bit nice. Because I still had no idea which one I wanted, I typed in ‘kitchen sink’. And there the first (sponsored) product listings already appeared on my screen. Super handy for my search, because this Venezuela Phone Number List way I can immediately see which I like and which I don’t based on, among other things, looks, price, shipping costs and availability. video player 00:06 00:23 As you can see in the video above, you will find the product listings in various places within Google. In Google Search, on the Google Shopping tab and here and there between the results of Google Images (recognizable by the tag). And this is where Google Merchant Center comes in.


Platform Makes Products

Because this platform makes products from shops and web shops visible in these places. Google Merchant Center is a platform on which you as a store owner can place your products and all associated information (including images). All that product information is then automatically forwarded to Google. Sponsored and not sponsored search results Within Google Merchant Center we distinguish between 2 types of search results: Unsponsored search results. These are also called the free (product) listings. Allows products to appear in free listings on Google Search, Google Images, the Shopping tab, Google Maps, and Google Lens. Sponsored search results. These are also known as the shopping ads. You can see these in Google Search, Google Images, the Shopping tab, websites of Google search partners and the Google Display Network. To advertise with shopping ads, in addition to the Google Merchant Center, you also need a Google Ads account to create, publish and optimize your ads.

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