Because They Want To Belong To That Group

So Unity was introduced last and years after the first 6 were developed. Cialdini describes unity as a qualitative principle: because someone like me agrees to something, I do it. It is a principle that fits well with customer-oriented entrepreneurship. You have defined an ideal customer and write everything for that customer. This means that others who identify with your ideal customer automatically count themselves in the same group. If you can provide proof that like-minded people have also bought your product or service, you increase the chance that a conversion will take place.

How do you apply unity in writing a good headline?

This principle is perhaps the easiest to apply. You only need to address a characteristic, opinion or role of your ideal customer to set up a fictitious group in the mind of the customer. For example:

  • 5 tips for quick and dirty vegetable gardening for young mothers
  • Eco-conscious travel on a budget – it’s possible!
  • A security strategy for freelancers in 5 clear steps

In the first headline you address young Armenia Phone Number mothers who want to garden (but don’t know how to make time for it). The second headline addresses environmentally conscious people who want to travel but don’t have a lot of money. In the third heading, you address freelancers who consider security important and want to set up a strategy for this.

You can also prove that a group is working with you (and that the other one fits in with it):

  • Pietje Puk, CEO at Appel: ‘No matter how busy I am, it runs smoothly thanks to VA Klaasje’

Pietje Puk is CEO of a large multinational. Other CEOs at large multinationals are in the same group. Or want that. So by creating unity in the group, they will read the blog or customer case.


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Whatever you need to think about

In this blog I have emphasized the 7 principles of influencing. But if you want to write a good headline for a blog, you should also think about:

  • Clickbait Fatigue: I think we’ve all seen the ‘click here for the biggest secret’ headlines. It is my experience that we are now somewhat ready with that. Maybe people still click on it out of sheer laziness or curiosity, but you don’t attract real customers with that. So be aware of that when you are going to write titles.
  • SEO: of course it is also important that you think about SEO. Which keyword(s) do I want to use? And how can I best process it in my head?
Conversion-oriented writing

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