These Bidding Strategies Often Work

Do you show people or products? Are you going for an action-oriented and informative message? Or at least transformational: the Christmas feeling and lifestyle. Collect the creative learnings from previous years. What did or did not ensure a high action ratio at the time? Do you not have those learnings or do you want more insight into what works and what does not work for this target group? Then research this, while the campaign is running, on the basis of small-scale creative experiments. In other words, creative growth hacking . It gives you a grip on the Christmas results, and gives you an idea for next year’s strategy. An effective Facebook campaign this December The above 4 points are practical tips to make your campaign that little bit more effective this month. The trick is, of course, to make the right choices at the last minute and specifically for your campaign.

Bidding Strategies Often Work

And above all, see it as an instructive journey into the potential of the Facebook platform for your brand.Google Ads is a wonderful platform to market your products or services. But Google is increasingly trying to influence your ads. Now I’m Cape Verde B2B List not here to make a “things used to be better” argument without a progressive view of the medium, but there are some pitfalls that automation brings with it. In this article I outline four of them. 1. Implement automatic bid strategy without data Google really wants us to implement its automatic bidding strategies en masse . Some of these are mainly focused on conversion data. Think of Target Return on Ad Spend (tROAS), Target Cost Per Acquisition (tCPA) and maximizing conversions.


Strategies Often Work

These bidding strategies often work fine, but they do require conversion data. If you run a campaign on a bidding strategy based on conversion data, but have only had a single conversion in the past few days, for example, it is of course difficult for the algorithm to make a decision based on that little bit of data. Always make sure you have enough conversion data when you switch a campaign to such a bidding strategy. A few dozen in the last thirty days is fine. Do you only measure a contact form? Try to add some micro conversions to be able to ‘feed’ the algorithm sufficiently. You can also consider placing multiple campaigns under one shared bid strategy via the ‘portfolio bid strategies’ option. You can indicate the difference in value in those micro and macro conversions in the ‘conversions’ menu. Screenshot of where you can indicate the difference in value in those micro and macro conversions. Still not enough data? Then just choose ‘Click Maximize’ or ‘Manual CPC’ until you have enough data.

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