Bidding Strategy And Performance In These

At the beginning of January it is time to evaluate: how did the campaign go? Was it a success? This is often not clear because the objective has not been properly thought out. While this is very important. A good SMART objective determines whether your campaigns have been a success or not. Also for the holidays: make what you want to achieve concrete, check whether it is acceptable and realistic and attach a timeline to it. That will help you determine whether you have run a successful campaign or not. And that’s great, because then you, your colleagues or your managers can see whether it was a successful campaign or not. Examples of Holiday SMART Goals Increase sales of the Christmas collection by 50% in December 2021 compared to last year. Achieve 4,000 product sales from the Christmas collection during Black Friday with an 800% ROAS in Google Ads. Drive 1,000,000 visitors to the sales page in the webs hop in December 2021, with Facebook, Instagram and Google Ads campaigns.

Strategy And Performance In These

You see what a good objective does: it ensures that you set up campaigns with a sharp focus to achieve your goals. Be sure to share your objective with colleagues and other stakeholders. You will see your campaign come to life and get talked about. And you can get valuable ideas and feedback from that. This will also show you whether you Uganda Phone Number List need to set up new campaigns or whether you need to adjust current campaigns to achieve the desired result. 2. Are you using a new campaign or are you deploying your optimized campaign? You have already put a lot of time and effort into optimizing your always on campaign. Finally you have found the right target group, the right keywords and the right message. The performance has gotten better and better.


And Performance In These

And now that the holidays are approaching, you are faced with an important choice. Are you going to use the always on campaign for the holidays or are you going to set up a separate campaign? It can be a good choice to temporarily use your always on campaigns for your campaigns around the holidays. You have already achieved a very good match with your target group, bidding strategy and performance in these campaigns. If you create a new campaign for a temporary promotion, the performance will probably be lower. It is a new campaign, so you still have to go through the learning curve to make the campaign profitable. And you simply don’t have that time since you want to catch up on the holidays. Also read: Optimizing your social media campaigns: keep experimenting If you are going to follow the holidays with always on campaigns, change your current campaign as little as possible.

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