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European counterpart Ace & Tate) did for eyewear. And what Peleton does for fitness. They combine their product with smart additional digital services, creating a winning combination. Keeping users begging for more. Shift Czech Republic Phone Number to D2C model We’ve all experienced this shift, especially in consumer products. Initially, it started with new digital native companies using digital channels to disrupt their verticals and access their end-users.

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Directly. Yet in recent years we have seen several initially ‘non-digital’ companies and industries move towards this model. Nike strays from wholesalers and marketplaces to double DTC. In recent releases, Disney has skipped cinemas and premiered directly on their own channel, Disney Plus. At Tesla, there is no network of cheap car dealers involved. You order online, visit their offline showroom and pick up your car from the Tesla parking lot. Our prediction: 2021 will be the perfect time to crack open industries that haven.

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Gone ‘directly’ yet. As every time consumers embrace new ways of interacting with businesses, new opportunities open up for “direct” businesses. 7. Social+ (social media hits back) In just a few years, social platforms have moved from a happy, magical place for human connection – to framed as the digital equivalent of the devils. In light of this, we shouldn’t expect anything positive from “social” in 2021, can we?

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