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Data has become essential in any advertising action. But, in recent years the digital landscape has meant that companies  can increasingly collect  less information from consumers. Without this information, it was difficult for companies to Australia Phone Number continue betting on programmatic advertising. All these changes directly affected the advertisers and, consequently, the Brands Put income of the web pages.

Now, the challenge for brands is knowing Australia Phone Number how to use this data and getting the users themselves to give up all this information voluntarily. In this way, future advertising campaigns will be much more effective. This 2022 will be the year of the cookieless and the commitment to Zero Party Data. But how to achieve this optimization?

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In this last period, a recurring theme in the  conversations with my clients is the debate on Zero Party Data, how to manage this data and how to use it to comply with current regulations. But what is this new concept really? The new post-pandemic Australia Phone Number user and consumer demands much more personalized attention and wants to interact with a brand that already knows them, which leads us to create a two-way communication between the brand and the user , leaving behind one-way communication.

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One such example is ‘ Tangoo ‘, the recently launched Australia Phone Number startup from Italy. Tangoo is an independent trading desk that offers programmatic and buying services at every step of the marketing funnel (branding, prospecting and conversion), with a Australia Phone Number data-driven strategy and marketing metrics that will be transformed into tangible results for marketing objectives. the clients. Its solutions reach users in cookieless environments, or through Connected TV campaigns, Audio and in-app formats. MainAd is proud to be one of its technology providers, helping media buyers reach their goals, even after the cookie

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