Business Social Media Marketing Tips That Guarantee

It allows for more interaction and a wider distribution of content You often see that companies and organizations prefer to create content themselves that their employees can share. Authentic and proprietary content created by employees quickly outperforms anything the marketing department shares through official channels. If your Romania Phone Number colleagues write their own messages and then start a conversation about that content with their network, that message quickly has much more interaction. And why should you only share content through your organization’s channels? As a company, you increase your reach because your message is shared in a new network.

That Is More Empathetic

This ensures that you reach people that you cannot reach through your own channels – unless you advertise. For example, employees of Fontys Hogescholen share content by adding the hashtag #wijzijnfontys. They share heartfelt stories and Romania Phone Number events on and around campus, making good use of their well-behaved and extensive network of students, teachers, and staff. 3. Employee-generated content boosts your conversions Consumers are more likely to rely on recommendations from people rather than brands, according to Capterra research. Content created by employees themselves, therefore, works well for social selling. Authenticity and trust are required for social selling.


This Means More Involved

As a consumer, we want to see proof that your organization is good. We find that proof in customer reviews and testimonials, among other things. By letting your employees create their own content, they ensure that trust. Employees often have the Romania Phone Number most information about a product or service and appreciate the opportunity to share their knowledge. They can often tell the story of your organization better than anyone else. And yes, people read reviews from other customers. But proud, satisfied employees work (almost) just as well when it comes to trust in an organization. And that trust often results in more sales on your website. Also read: Thanks to online ambassadors.

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