Business Stationery: Our List Of Essentials

Before launching your business, you must make sure that all the supplies are available (paper, notebook, notebook, pen, diary, ream of paper). In fact, to exercise one’s professional activity correctly, it is preferable to have the necessary stationery equipment available. To check that the items are in your office, you need to do a quick inventory with the list of essential supplies.Communication now takes place by e-mail or telephone. Nevertheless, many companies still regularly work with paper documents. Indeed, many legal obligations impose the paper medium. To be able to communicate correctly with its suppliers or its customers, it is therefore necessary and essential to always have in its company: Paper A ream of spare paper Envelopes suitable for mail These three media are basic to correctly create your letters.

If the documents are written by hand, obviously pens are needed. Envelopes are also important. Some documents should not be folded, so you need envelopes in A4 format. You have to think about every detail to get a complete stationery! The list of elements above can be found on the Maxiburo stationery , for example. Get organized with suitable office accessories Organization within a company is essential. Each team must be able to visualize their tasks via a digital or paper medium. Employees must be able to print documents during their day. The ream of paper is therefore essential! However, to organize yourself well, there are essential accessories in a stationery store that should not be forgotten: One diary per employee One notebook per employee One booklet per employee Organizers in the form of a table to hang on the wall These elements allow the teams to clearly visualize

Invest In Collective Work Supports

the tasks of the week. The agenda allows you to note important appointments in the days to come. Both the notebook and the notebook are practical supports for noting, for example, a “to do list” or Latvia Phone Number List the important points during a meeting. Each company should create its own stationery according to its needs. Some employees prefer the digital agenda to paper, for example. Then you have to adapt the accessories. To optimize its launch, the company can choose to work with a communication agency. But how to choose it well? The answer with Invest in collective work supports It is useful, when launching your business, to invest in stationery for each employee (diary, notebook, ream of paper, notebook).

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However, it is also very useful to invest in collective accessories, in addition to a ream of paper or pens. For example, it is common to see large signs in companies where employees can express their ideas using a post-it. Everyone is then free to write down their idea to hang on the board. It is an excellent communication medium. The teams can then take the ideas individually in a notebook or notebook. The entrepreneur must also have a storage space dedicated to stationery. The paper stock is located in a specific location. Employees can then use a new notebook, diary or notebook if they have none left. This allows you to always have stock so you don’t run out. Once all of these elements have been acquired, the company can launch itself serenely. There are several steps to follow when setting up a business.

What Solutions During The Moments Of Absence?

It is highly inadvisable to cut off a customer who is talking to you. On the contrary, favor active and silent listening. Similarly, when you have the floor, avoid speaking too loudly or too softly. Speaking too loudly can make you rude or nervous in the eyes of the customer who will avoid opening up to you while listening to the communication. Also avoid the client having to address you on your voice, by speaking too low. If you’re eating or having your morning coffee, just don’t answer a phone call from a customer. In this case, a pre-hooked will do, waiting for you to finish your cup. The quality of communication will probably be very poor and you risk leaving a bad image of you and the company in the mind of the customer. Chewing gum is absolutely to be avoided.

It is not obvious that you are always available, and in this case, it would not be good to leave a void in the reception. During break times, or on weekends for example, leave a professional message on your answering machine: “  Hello and welcome to X, we are at your disposal every working day from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. and from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. . Feel free to contact us at these times and please leave a message after the beep  ”. Despite its brief nature, the answering machine message is quite strategic. It allows the company to save overtime, and to maintain contact with its customers despite unavailability. After listening to your customers’ messages, you must take the initiative to call them back. You also have to prepare for it.

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