Business Trip To The Usa: What Formalities To Respect?

Thanks to its tourist, cultural and historical wealth, the USA is a popular destination for both tourists and businessmen. To take advantage of the many assets of this country while ensuring a pleasant stay, it is advisable to take certain steps before leaving. Indeed, insofar as the formalities for entering American territory have become more complex over time, travelers who do not have all the information are generally surprised at the last moment. For a good preparation of your business trip to the USA, take note of the following information. Indeed, thanks to the implementation of the Visa exemption program, people with French nationality are no longer required to present a Visa if they have a valid biometric passport or a Delphine (individual passport with optical reading) valid and carried.

out before October 26, 2005 . However, the passport you have must be valid throughout your stay in the United States. ESTA Before a tourist stay or a business trip on American territory, it is also essential to have an ESTA authorization (Electronic System for Travel Authorization). This is a form that must be completed and validated online at least 72 hours before departure. This document, which actually replaces the old green sheet, concerns French nationals as well as citizens of all other countries who have joined the Visa Waiver Program (VWP). Before taking his plane, a traveler who wishes to go to the USA must have this authorization which is valid for two years or until the moment when the passport expires. Regardless of their age.

Precautions To Take While Packing Your Suitcase

children as well as adults should all perform this procedure. It should also be noted that this document is only mandatory for travel by sea or air in the USA. For a pleasant stay on Hungary Phone Number List American territory, the ideal is to have this authorization, the formalities for obtaining which are rather simple to carry out. For your ESTA application for the USA , you will also need to provide for a tax of 14 dollars, the payment of which is made by means of a credit card. Visa For people who wish to stay in the USA for more than 90 days, there are several types of Visas . Depending on the activity you carry out (employment, study or internship) and your position (athlete or journalist).

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you will then have to undergo different procedures in order to obtain the Visa that is most suitable for you . To obtain your Visa, you must first make an appointment with one of the American officers who are at the US Consulate. Before making the request for this appointment, it is mandatory since January 12, 2012 to complete a DS-160 form . Once this form has been completed, you must then proceed to the payment of all the fees that will be indicated to you. It should also be noted here that the validity period of the Visa is 10 years. Moreover, if you feel during your stay in the USA the need to improve your English or to take courses lasting less than eighteen hours per week.

The Various Other Documents To Be Provided

you will not need to apply for a Student Visa. The various other documents to be provided Apart from all the documents previously mentioned. It will also be necessary to take several other steps.  Before going to the USA for a tourist stay or a business trip. To travel to this country.  You must indeed complete your file with a cruise ticket or a round-trip plane ticket. This will allow you to prove your next exit from American territory. Because you are only to a stay that does 90 days . Once there, you therefore have no possibility of extending your stay. You will also not study or change your status. The American authorities also require that travelers have proof of their solvency at their disposal. This can then be a credit card.

A traveler’s check or various other similar documents. In case you are a big adventure lover and you prefer to take the road.  To go the States of  obliged to pay a tax of 6 dollars in cash. In addition, to be able to cross the land borders between.  The USA and Canada and between the USA and Mexico, you must have a return ticket.  A valid passport and proof of your solvency. To improve your stay in the United States.  It is strongly have American social security if stay in the USA covers a long period. Unlike the French system, having a US social security number does not allow.  You to benefit from coverage or reimbursement of your health costs. However, this number will allow.  Benefit from certain facilities during the completion of various procedures.

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