But Facebook Has The Power Group

Our expectation was over half a million views, a CPM of two euros. A CPC of ten cents and over six thousand clicks. Was that successful? Absolutely! With four million views, a CPM of 0.29 cents, a . CPC of 11 cents, more than twelve thousand clicks to the website. 51 thousand likes and hundreds of comments within two weeks. The ads generated a lot of interaction and a large reach. Results videos And these are only the results of the TikTok channel of Landsite MBO itself. In addition to our own channel, we have also deployed videos on the channels of TikTok influencers (Nano and micro-influencers). These were developed by the TikTokker themselves on the basis of a briefing and placed on their own channel after approval. This not only resulted in even more reach and clicks, but it also really brought us into the perception of the target group.

Facebook Has The Power

This ensured spontaneous content that suited the target group, but also increased credibility, because the content did not only come from Landsite itself. Collaborate with TikTok influencers Why have we opted for an influencer campaign for Landsite France WhatsApp Number List MBO in addition to the regular TikTok campaign? These influencers – especially the Nano and micro influencers – are a lot more affordable than on other social media channels. In addition, it is a lot easier and more accessible via TikTok to reach influencers and get to know them. This is currently a bit similar to Instagram, but in a while the Creator Marketplace will also be available in the Netherlands. Now in the Netherlands you still have to hunt for the TikTok influencer that suits your brand.


Has The Power

As soon as this feature is available in the Netherlands, it will be even easier to approach the right TikTok influencers. Also read: 5 settings to make your TikTok account privacy-proof Additional tip The TikTokker expects you as a brand to also make TikTok and not polished advertisements. We don’t mind an ad on our timeline, as long as the content feels genuine and doesn’t seem like it’s all about money. So you have to process your brand in trends and ensure that those elements are intertwined. It shouldn’t really be noticeable that this is an advertisement. If it does, your TikTok ad could backfire. It is important that you dare to show your company in a creative, real way with spontaneous and unpolished videos. No more advertisements, but real people in recognizable scenarios, because that is what makes TikTok so interesting. Exciting?

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