But Facebook Has The Power To Judge

If you don’t agree, you can request a new review. For such a ‘re-review’ teams of people are involved. Facebook does write that they also want to automate this more and more. That might be a good move for speed, but I wonder if further automation won’t further increase advertisers’ frustration in the event of a disapproval. A practical tip: you can also chat (in English) with Facebook and ask for manual approval. You can also ask the employee why the advertisement was rejected and what you can do to get it live. This is not the official way, but it often works quickly and easily. Facebook Ads Manager chat help. In the Ads Manager, go to ‘Help’ and choose ‘Start the chat’ or ‘Create new case’. Unfortunately, some people don’t have these options. Punish advertisers In addition to assessing individual ads, Facebook also indicates that they can investigate the behavior of an advertiser.

Facebook Has The Power To Judge

They then look at, among other things, the number of rejected advertisements and how serious the offense is. Advertisers who go against the rules can be punished . Some advertisers could lose their account as a result – and sometimes that’s not right. But Facebook has the power to judge and decide. If your ad is rejected, at least you now Nigeria WhatsApp Number List know a little more about the how and why. What are your experiences with advertising on Facebook ? I’d love to read it in the comments below .Finally the time has come: it is possible to enable so-called image extensions in search campaigns in both Google Ads and Microsoft Ads! As SEA specialists, we’ve been waiting for the introduction of images as part of your ad for a few years now. We kept hearing rumors that Google and Microsoft were testing this, but it was not rolled out.


Has The Power To Judge

Until now. Remarkably, Microsoft has previously rolled out this feature for the Dutch market. Google Ads is slowly rolling it out as a beta for a number of accounts in the Netherlands. What are image extensions? Image extensions are a type of ad extension that you can set up in Google Ads or Microsoft Ads. For example, this looks like this: Image extensions example. Why should you use this extension? I can imagine you thinking: if I really want to stand out with images, I’ll choose a visual campaign type (such as a display campaign) or a shopping campaign where you can clearly show your product. Justifiably. But there are also some reasons why it is useful to use image extensions. I would like to explain this. 1. Attract attention Image extensions are new in the search results.

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