But in the End You Can See in the Overview How Many Products

Suppose that within your webs hop it appears that the shopping baskets are only filled with one-time purchases, but there are no cross- and up-sells. Then it is advisable to look at your options to increase this order value. What options do you have? Manual website adjustments. For example, your web builder can add a block on relevant pages with: ‘recommended products’ or ‘others also bought’. It’s a good start to enable cross- and up-sells. Enable CDP. With the customer profiles that you compose, you can set up the cross- and up-sell blocks automatically. The options I discuss with the above metrics have an effect on the entire online marketing strategy. Some cannot be arranged via Shopping, such as CDPs or CRO. We’ll leave those out for now. I will elaborate further below on what we do have an effect on.

The End You Can See in the Overview How Many Products

Feed Optimization The second thing to look at critically is the layout of your current Shopping feed. How this is set is crucial for the result you get from your campaigns. What is the Shopping feed? A Shopping feed is an essential part of Google Shopping campaigns. In fact, it is a long list with all articles from your webs hop and all information about those articles. For example, the product title or the product description. But also: color, stock, or shipping information. The feed can be generated in several ways, with some being our preference more than others: Import CSV file. For this option, you print Cell Phone Database out a CSV file of your product information once and load it. If you do not do this in time, this can lead to disappointment. google spreadsheet. Another option is to create a link between your webs hop and a Google spreadsheet. You can automatically update the information pushed here. This is already a slightly better option than a CSV file. Scheduled fetch from URL. You provide a feed URL to Google Merchant Center. This is the most common way as this URL is updated daily.


You Can See in the Overview How Many Products

So everything is completely up-to-date. API link. It is also possible to create an API link between the website and Google Merchant Center. I recommend this option, because Merchant Center then immediately takes over all available information from the webs hop and updates it daily.  The 3 most common disapprovals within Merchant Center: GTIN is unknown. For some products it is mandatory to indicate a GTIN (barcode). Promotional overlay on product images. Product images cannot have promotional text within the images.

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