Variables Can Influence The Conversion

YouTube video ads Which video format do you choose? For each of these three goals, there are video formats that cater to them perfectly. For example, a ‘masthead’ ad is perfect if you want to reach a large audience in one go. However, this requires a substantial budget. Do you only have a small budget available? Then you can choose bumper or non-skippable ads . These video formats fully showcase the brand as the viewer cannot skip the video. Brand awareness Increase brand awareness among mobile users? Then think of out-stream ads . Focus on product or service Would you rather focus on a specific product or service? Then use a skippable trueview in-stream video , a trueview discovery video or an out-stream video .

Can Influence The Conversion

The user has the choice here whether he or she wants to view the advertisement (entirely). Are they interested in your product? Then they are more likely to watch the ad. This is therefore directly measurable in the form of display and payback percentage. conversions Do you want to steer directly on conversions? Then use n on-skippable Pakistan B2B List trueview for in-stream advertisements and add a call-to-action. Think of a website visit, a reservation, or a contact. Call-to-action buttons are available for all in-stream variants and for masthead ads (on mobile). If you opt for a skippable video, the temptation to click away the ad is too great. Therefore, use a non-skippable video so that the viewer has time to click on the call-to-action button and is not distracted or impatient with the skip button. Webshops with product feed Finally, we have trueview for shopping .


Influence The Conversion

This is a combination of a video and shopping ad and is intended for webshops with a product feed. With trueview for shopping you can show up to 6 products per video ad. Select the products you want to display or filter your stock. Brand awareness Product consideration conversion generation Masthead ads (home page takeover) Trueview discovery ads (thumbnail in results list or featured videos) Non-skippable trueview for in-stream ads (with CTA buttons) Bumper ads (max 6 seconds ad) Skippable trueview for in-stream ads Trueview for shopping ads (shopping in YouTube) Non-skippable trueview for in-stream ads Out-stream ads (mobile ads on partner websites) Out-stream ads (mobile ads on partner websites) With which KPIs do you measure whether your video campaign is successful?

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