Can The Electronic Cigarette Be Used In The Office?

The question is subject to controversy, since the promulgation of the health law of January 26, 2016 . Does the ban on smoking at work also apply to electronic cigarettes? For some, the answer obviously seems to be in the affirmative. However, the decree of April 27, 2017 brings a significant nuance. The law makes an exception to the electronic cigarette, in particular with regard to very specific parts of the company. It is therefore possible to vape legally in the office. Here are the conditions to respect in order to use your electronic cigarette in complete peace of mind at your workplace. After that, Also called “e-cigarette” or “vaporette”, the electronic cigarette is an assembly that produces flavored aerosol to inhale . It is increasingly popular in France for its discretion . Its first commercialization in France dates back to 2011.

The vapor is produced by gradually heating the liquid contained in the bottles. Similarly, The content is composed of propylene glycol or glycerol . It works with an atomizer and a battery. The atomizer This is the neuralgic part of the electronic cigarette. The atomizer consists of a resistor and a tank . The first, contacting the battery, heats up and triggers the vaporization process. The substance to be inhaled is contained in the tank. It turns into steam as soon as the resistance reaches an optimal temperature. Drums Like any electronic device, the vaporette operates using a rechargeable battery. Its autonomy depends on the brand name and the frequency of use. Thanks to this organ, the electronic cigarette is very practical. How does an electronic cigarette work? The upper part of the cigarette is divided into two parts.

I Can Vape In The Absence Of Internal Regulations Prohibiting It

The latter immediately sends the information back to the microprocessor with which the battery is equipped. The ionizer takes over, activates India Phone Number List  the heating and diffuses the aroma of the liquid present in the tank. The rear end of the electronic cigarette is lined with a red LED light. It is to give a feeling of ember the smoker. E-cigarettes and classic cigarettes: what are the differences? The answer to this question is the reason for the creation of the electronic cigarette. Not everyone can stand the smell of tobacco. The nicotine it contains is a dangerous substance that is generally addictive. In clear terms, the expression “smoker ” does not actually correspond to someone who inhales the aroma of an electronic cigarette. ”

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Scientific knowledge clearly demonstrates that electronic cigarettes pose fewer risks for smokers than continuing to smoke” : this is the conclusion of the National Tobacco Reform Initiative (NTRI) , held in February 2018. It is therefore an effective alternative against smoking in all its forms. The benefits of office vaping The first advantage that this practice has for the employee is that it offers him the opportunity to manage his stress without becoming intoxicated. It is not tobacco, there is no risk of bad breath and endless rum . The environment of the is also from passive smoking. Numerous studies have shown that this phenomenon is the basis of many cases of cancer. What does the law say about office vaping?

I Can’T Vape In A School

The law is not as rigid against workplace vaping as it is against traditional cigarettes. Some media peddle the false rumor that the law forbids enjoying your electronic cigarette at work. It is necessary to read and understand the law to better understand its contours.  After that, At the same time as the text 2016-41 on the modernization of the health system enshrines a ban in principle against vaping at work, it took care to state exemptions. This is not the case with conventional cigarettes. This softening of the law vis-à-vis the e-cigarette is certainly not insignificant. What are these exceptions? I can take my Vaporetto in my individual office Article 28 of the law of January 26, 2016, prohibits vaping in “closed and covered workplaces for collective use”. Are from this individual office.

By definition, it is a space in which only one individual works and is not third party. It can to a workshop or a design office where the worker concentration.  Above all, The use of electronic cigarette in the office is quite conceivable.  In addition,  No sanction is provided by law for this purpose. I can vape in an open space Some companies have non-separate offices located in an open space. A priori the law prohibits vaping in these premises.  To tell the truth, this is equivalent to a tacit authorization to use the electronic cigarette in these kinds of space. The latest decision of the Council of State on the matter is quite evocative. The institution recognizes that “vaping” is not “smoking”.

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