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And as explained above, the tips are not always good or feasible for every advertiser. But how can you make the best use of your available budget via Google Ads? Below are a few tips that can help you with that. Tip 1: Lower your bids In Google Ads you regularly get the tip to increase your bids for your keywords. Fortunately, we are also increasingly seeing a recommendation from Google to lower the bids. Higher bids lead to better positions and sometimes to more clicks, but not always. It does lead to higher costs! Do you have a limited budget and is this budget always drawn up? Then it might be a good idea to lower your bids. Due to lower bids, you pay less per click, which means you can achieve more clicks from your limited budget. It may also make sense to try the automatic ‘maximize clicks’ bid strategy in this context. Tip 2: Limit your region Don’t have an infinite budget for Google Ads? Then take a critical look at the region settings of your campaigns.

Cannot Be Explained From Data

For organizations that are mainly ‘local’, website visitors from the edges of your selected region may be less relevant or more expensive. And also for organizations that focus on the whole of the Netherlands or several countries, performance can differ considerably per city, province or country. Excellent reports are available in Google Ads or Google Cambodia B2B List Analytics that provide insight into which regions are underperforming. Delete these regions. Tip 3: Remove keywords Within Google Ads, Google regularly tries to encourage you to add more keywords to your campaigns. You can thus increase your reach. It can work fine if your budget allows it, but many organizations do not have an infinite budget and must make smart choices. After all, you can only spend every euro once. Removing keywords and focusing your budget on the most important search terms can be a good strategy.


Be Explained From Data

Tip 4: Don’t show ads on your company name Advertising on your company name usually results in a lot of clicks and conversions. And the cost per click is often low. However, advertising on your company name can be quite expensive. Especially if you are a well-known brand and your company name is often searched for. Do you dominate the organic search results on your company name with your website and do you have an excellent company listing? Then it is certainly not a bad idea to stop advertising on your company name.  This does not mean that you should never advertise on your company name, which can sometimes be very important. For example, if competitors advertise on your company name, or if you want to promote an important promotion.

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