Caterer For Business: Be Careful To Choose It Well!

Whether it is for a seminar, a business meal, a reception, a product launch or any other corporate activity, there are plenty of reasons to call on a caterer. Indeed, as some think, the caterer is like the cornerstone of an event; the tasty dishes and the quality of the services offered are an integral part of the success of any event. Hence the need to call on a good caterer for your next celebrations. But how to unearth the best(s) of the mass? We tell you in the next lines! We must start by saying that the caterer is the most important element of staff when organizing an event. He is the specialist in “food trades”. Indeed, he can be a chef, a pastry chef, a butcher or simply a kitchen boy.

The latter is a “caterer”, but he only takes care of the other aspects of your reception: booking the venue (or reception) and its decoration, drinks, invitations… The first, on the other hand, is a professional who takes care of food preparation and delivery. Furthermore, it should be emphasized that you do not leave where you want to claim to be a caterer. Indeed, the latter, normally, must be a graduate recognized by the State. This naturally implies that he must have previously taken hotel and catering courses in renowned training centres. Generally, their training covers a period of three years and is sanctioned by a certificate of professional aptitude. Some large establishments even require the baccalaureate to access training.

What Are The Search Criteria?

Read more … What does a caterer do? Contrary to what many people think, a caterer is not just a cook. He is above all a person endowed with enormous qualities making him able to: To advise ; Design and organize a reception; Prepare succulent meals in large Finland Phone Number List quantities and deliver them; Provide service; Manage crises… Important : you bind yourself to a caterer by contract; you can therefore bring him to justice if he happens to fail in his duties. Why choose a caterer? Needless to say, entrepreneurial life is marked by many festive events throughout the year (if not, find out how to create a good atmosphere in your company ). Therefore, for the end-of-year celebrations, the reception of new co-workers, the celebration of a new contract or any other success, you will need a good caterer to ensure.

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That is to say, someone who must be able to advise you properly, offer you bold solutions and provide you and your guests with an unforgettable culinary experience. What are the search criteria? Admittedly, finding a good caterer is no small feat. However, we have concocted some tips that will make things easier for you. Where to look? The first route you can take is word of mouth. This good old method consists of getting information from a network of acquaintances. You may have friends who have used caterers in the past. Do not hesitate to contact them to get an idea of ​​the quality of the services offered by them. Considering the testimonials, you will know who you can trust, and which addresses to avoid. In addition, perhaps you yourself appreciated the service of the caterers during an event to which you had been invited.

What Does A Caterer Do?

It’s time to get closer to the organizers in order to have a business card. The other way that we propose to you is that of the directories. Yes, with the web today everything becomes easy. Admittedly, this path does not give you an idea of ​​who to hire, but it helps you find professionals nonetheless. How to search? You don’t have to rush. First, make a list of caterers that you liked. Second, do interviews. Here are some questions to ask: For approximately how many events does he work per year? Can he provide you with addresses of former clients? How many employees does it have? What is included and excluded from his service? What are the cancellation and refund clauses? Ultimo, ask for quotes and cross out those that don’t correspond to your type of event, your tastes…

as well as those that don’t fall within your budget. The step before commitment Before taking out the jackpot and affixing your signature at the bottom of the contract: Ask the opinion of another person, because two opinions count more than one; Find out from your guests to see if any of them have food allergies (notify your caterer if there are any); Inform your caterer of the total number of guests you will receive and ensure that they will be able to handle the unexpected. Request a tasting Do you still have doubts about your caterer’s ability to properly meet your expectations? There’s nothing better than asking for a tasting. This should allow you to judge his professionalism and his future performance. For more certainty, we recommend.

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