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Back to the example. Rotterdam SportStore wants to get more people to the store. This requires brand awareness to grow among potential customers, but this is always more difficult than expected. Who could possibly use new shoes? To reach people who do not yet have the intention to buy directly, it is necessary to focus on target groups that have an affinity with running shoes. The custom affinity audience allows the shoe store to define the audience much better by doing the following: Specify interests, such as triathlon or long-distance running Using URLs of websites with content about running, training plans, marathon nutrition and other marathon topics Specify places an avid marathoner might be interested in, such as gyms and sporting goods stores Specify Health & Fitness apps that an avid marathoner is likely to be interested in, such as Google Fit, Strava, or RunKeeper Combining all of this with demographics allows the store to focus purely on people who would also make the effort to come to the store.

Product Before You Include

Affinity is, of the four targeting options, the only one really suitable for display campaigns. Errand This target group is currently not aware of the need for running shoes. You still need to create awareness for this. The aim is to introduce the target group to the product. For example, video advertisements can be used that emphasize the Indian Business Fax List importance of good shoes or advertisements that indicate downloading a white paper about improving performance. In-market In the summer of 2018, Google launched a feature : in-market audiences for search campaigns. Incidentally, in-market target groups themselves are not new. In-market is a part of Google Ads that (in my opinion) too few people use.


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‘In-market’ fits in nicely with this. With this function you can build target groups of users who, more than average, have the intention to purchase products or services that you offer. This group is therefore literally ‘in the market’. The purchase intent is high, which increases the chance that people will click on your ad. In most cases, this results in better results and an improved ROI. Target an audience that has a high purchase intent. Additional option: targeting custom intent audiences In addition to in-market audiences, you can also choose custom intent audiences. These will perform much better, because they allow you to reach your specific target group.

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