Changing Performance Does Not Always Have

They often enjoy targeting their products to a very broad match of related searches. Other signals that increase the chance of a conversion In addition, there are many other relevant signals that can increase the chance of a conversion, such as the target group behind the search term. Behind every click, there is also someone who can fall into a relevant target group, who can use a certain device, but factors such as time, location and language settings are also included in this. Many advertisers are already successfully adopting an audience-based advertising strategy on non-keyword-based platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. If, on the other hand, you as an advertiser have to pay less for search terms that are less relevant and for which there is less competition, then the lower costs can actually outweigh the slightly lower conversion intent.

Performance Does Not Always Have

Advice: use smart bidding I do recommend using smart bidding. Without smart bidding, you can’t bid proportionally on search terms that you haven’t come across before or that you haven’t thought of yet. That’s because if you use manual bids, you’re bidding the same on the more exact-matched (and more likely, better-converting) searches as you do for the broader (and slower-converting) search. This affects Belgium Phone Number List your ROAS and/or CPA. You set the bid at the keyword level, but with this you activate a whole range of closely and less closely matched searches. In addition, a previous update from Google made it impossible to view all data at the search term level. As a result, you as an advertiser cannot see exactly where your money may be leaking.


Does Not Always Have

How should you trade in the coming months? In any case, keep a close eye on your campaign performance over the coming months. I will first discuss what may seem like a logical move, but what you should not do. In any case, don’t change your BMM keywords to Phrase Match before July.  Moreover, if you already make the adjustment now, it may be that the update has not yet taken place. As a result, you miss traffic that was normally captured by your BMM keyword, but not (yet) by your Phrase match keyword. What should you do? Changing performance does not always have to be negative: positive changes can also occur. For example, the change could also generate more traffic. Then adjust your budget up, don’t limit yourself. Although the following is very customer/account specific, you can take the following 3 steps if something changes in your performance.

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