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That’s okay. Their own agenda only makes the participation Ivory Coast Phone Number List platform more lively. 3. Reward active participants Are there also people who contribute to the platform of their own accord? Then put these participants in the spotlight. You can do this by making their contribution more visible on the platform, if the participant wants this of course. Do these Ivory Coast Phone Number List participants participate on a regular basis? Then you could also ask them if they would like to make a larger contribution one day. Think, for example, of making a blog, vlog or video. This way you ensure that participants feel valued. Are the participants unable to post the content themselves? Then do it for them. 4. Work in small groups In order to obtain sufficient responses, it is sometimes smarter to work with 6 participants that you somewhat know.

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Than with a group of 70 people of whom you do not know the Ivory Coast Phone Number List majority. Smaller groups often ensure that decisions can be made more quickly. You can also go a little deeper into the matter. Participation is sometimes easier in a smaller group. In a large Ivory Coast Phone Number List group of unfamiliar people, some participants are more likely to keep their opinion to themselves than to express it.Participation 5. Give participants time In addition, it is important not to present the same question to every participant at the same time. Give people the opportunity to pick up on your story at their own pace. You do this by making the response period a bit longer, compared to offline participation processes.

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After all, not all people are on the online participation platform Ivory Coast Phone Number List at the same time to respond immediately, as is often the case with an offline meeting. 6. Combine multiple (online) channels Want to create more participation among participants? Then Ivory Coast Phone Number List alternate multiple channels to reach them. Don’t just think about switching online channels. Online and offline can complement and reinforce each other well. In this way, participants who are less active online also remain involved. Send a letter, call a participant or visit someone. These kinds of encounters are also useful. Give people the space to discover the online tools by first setting up a sounding board group.

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