Company Social And Economic Committee: Presentation, Composition And Mission

In France, staff delegation is currently provided by a single entity: the Company Social and Economic Committee (CSE). What is it about ? How does it work ? What are its missions? In this guide, you will find all the information on the company social and economic committee. The company social and economic committee, known  the acronym “CSE”.  The only body responsible for representing the staff of a company. With the main mission of improving social dialogue, he participates in all decision-making in the company. Since January 1 , 2020, all companies  require to elect the members of the Company Social and Economic Committee. Indeed, this body must be the only interlocutor of the employees, whatever their request and their claims.

This body takes the place of the current staff representative bodies, in particular: staff representatives; the works council; the health, safety and working conditions committee.  However, this duration to 2 or 3 years, depending on the collective agreement. What does the law say about the establishment of the company social and economic committee The creation of the corporate social and economic committee ( CSE ) is provided for in the Macron reform, more specifically in ordinance no . Switching to the establishment of the CSE took time. Indeed, the law stipulates that it is necessary to wait for the expiry of the mandate of the current staff representatives before electing the members of the social and economic committee of the company.

What Are The Missions Of The Company Social And Economic Committee?

In general, the CSE must implement in all companies, regardless of their legal form, before January 1 , 2020. Absence of a company social and economic Canada Phone Number List Database committee: what are the risks? In France, all companies with at least 11 employees (for 12 consecutive months) must set up a company social and economic committee (CSE) according to article L 2311-2 of the Labor Code. The elections of the company’s social and economic committee. If he does not comply with this legal obligation, he may incur criminal penalties. According to article L 2317-1 of the Labor Code, obstructing the creation of a CSE is punishable by imprisonment for one year and a fine of €7,500. Apart from these penalties, employees are to claim damages in order to repair the damage suffer the absence of the .

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How to set up a company social and economic committee?  Employees have 30 days to submit their application if they want to be a member of the CSE. For the organization of the elections, it is imperative to draw up a pre-electoral memorandum of understanding (PAP). This document, drawn up by mutual agreement between the employer and the employees, determines all the methods of the elections as well as the members of the electoral colleges. It is important to specify the date of the elections if no employee has presented for the elections. How to organize a first meeting of the company social and economic committee?

When To Consult The Company Social And Economic Committee?

The purpose of this meeting is to explain the mode of operation and the missions of the CSE. It also makes it possible to introduce the various members of the committee and to set up internal regulations. Just like the election, the first meeting and the head of the company. It can take place at any time, a few days after the elections or during the periodic meeting provided for by law. In all cases, the invitation to a meeting made no later than 72 hours before the date of the first meeting. What is the composition of the company social and economic committee?

The staff delegation, for its part, is made up of full members and alternates. Like any other organization, the CSE has a secretary and a treasurer. These are appointed from among the full members of the CSE. In principle, the number of members of the company’s social and economic committee can be defined in the pre-electoral agreement. If this is not the case, it is necessary to refer to the provisions provided for in article L. 2314-7 of the Labor Code: for a company with between 50 and 74 employees, the number of staff representatives in the CSE is set at 4; the workforce of the staff delegation is 11 for a company with between 250 and 399 employees; this figure can reach up to 20 for large structures with more than 1,500 employees. In companies with less than 300 employees.

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