Consumer Behavior After Corona the Rebound Effect

Show that you meet the requirements and deliver quality. 4. Write a unique page for each relevant place name A basic rule for SEO is that you should write as little duplicate content as possible . Therefore, write a unique text per page that is tailored to the place name. In itself this is not a special tip and it is actually more of a must-have for your pages. Have you written a local page, put it online and do you use Google Ads? Then it is also interesting to look at your URL structure. Why? Because it’s super easy to get your local landing pages in Google Ads with dynamic search campaigns. And that saves you a lot of time when you create pages on a large scale. How are you doing this? Do your keyword research and stick to the local keyword that is most used by your target audience. For example: remove wasp nest Ermelo. In this case, make sure to use the following URL structure with every wasp nest removal page. If you work on your local findability, you will eventually get a whole list of local pages.

Behavior After Corona the Rebound Effect

wasp-nest-remove-Ermelo /wasp nest-remove-harderwijk /wasp-nest-remove-nonpoet /wasp-nest-remove-Niekerk Create a dynamic campaign in Google Ads and add the ‘remove wasp nest’ ad group. Set the page targeting to ‘/wasps-nest-remove-‘. The last indent is important here, since in many cases you have a general page on this subject: /wasps nest-remove. You do not want to include these in this campaign. For example, if you have now Philippines Phone Number List added 30 local pages on this topic, they will automatically be added to your SEA campaign. This saves a lot of time. After 14 days, check whether your budget is still sufficient. Photo of someone Googling for local findability. About dynamic campaigns in Google With a dynamic campaign you outsource the creation of a search network campaign to Google. In this campaign type you indicate to Google which pages you want to use in your campaign. Google crawls this page and uses the content on your page to target keywords and create your ad copy.


After Corona the Rebound Effect

For example, if someone searches for ‘remove wasp nest Ermelo’, Google knows that this page should be used. Because the H1 headline and/or page title states ‘Remove Wasps Nest Ermelo’, Google uses this as an advertising headline. This headline best matches the search query, so Google will use it as an advertising headline. You do have to enter the descriptions that appear with the advertisements yourself. This gives you some control over the advertisements. The advantage of this is that you discover new search terms and that new pages, if they fall within your page targeting, are automatically put in your Google Ads campaign. Want to improve your local findability? Research, test, write & optimize Start by researching the search behavior of your target audience. Test whether this search behavior is generating leads or sales for your business by testing with Google Ads campaigns and start writing local landing pages. Track performance with Google Search Console, Google Ads, and Google Analytics and optimize your landing pages. This will make you easier to find on those important local searches!“

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