Consumers Often Have No Idea

Optimize for up to 8 conversion events per domain PANIC! What should I do? Advertising is changing. Fast. Facebook vs Apple iOS 14: What’s up? What exactly is going on? In June 2020, Apple announced that it will ask all users of the App Store in iOS 14 for permission to use data sent through Apple’s App Tracking Transparency (ATT) framework . In other words, iOS 14 users will see a popup that requires them to give explicit permission to allow app tracking. The image below shows what that pop-up will probably look like. Tweet Tim Cook Tracking ios 14 Facebook Image source: Tim Cook, Twitter This is a huge problem, especially for Facebook and for you as a marketer. That’s why Facebook reportedly didn’t want to show this pop-up at all in the first place.

Often Have No Idea

And that costs money – a lot of money. It has sparked a major worldwide riot between Facebook and Apple. Full-page ads were even Brazil B2B List placed in the world’s best-known newspapers to influence Apple’s decision, but to no avail. Then why is Apple doing this? Tim Cook (CEO of Apple) responded to Facebook’s campaign on Twitter. He indicates that users can decide for themselves about data . Facebook suspects that this decision is not about privacy, but about generating more profit. If app developers can no longer use advertisements, they will often have to look for new revenue models. There is a greater chance that they will be forced to use Apple’s own in-app subscription service.


Have No Idea

Online events are now relevant and future-proof: this is how you organize them In addition, you might question the fact that Apple is not only one of the most prosperous companies in the world, but also one of the few that still has all user data. But hey, the real truth? It will be in the middle. As a marketer, what should you know about the iOS14 update? It goes beyond just Facebook. Facebook has taken the lead in this public discussion, but make no mistake: this pop-up from Apple impacts all apps in the App Store, including Pinterest, Snapchat, TikTok and LinkedIn Advertising. These apps should also show a similar pop-up. If you, as a marketer, advertise via these platforms, you will therefore have to provide backup tracking. And it will (eventually) affect ad performance. Make no mistake: your organic content will also suffer Ultimately, your organic content will also suffer from this pop-up from Apple. The reason is quite simple: if many people block the tracking, Facebook’s artificial intelligence will be less and less able to estimate whether people indeed like the messages.

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