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The message you want to push here is that you know exactly what the customer is looking for. You have more knowledge about the activities of this customer and therefore an advantage over the competition. This example bets on the following ad sets: Branding searches: they often check the reliability of smaller stores. This allows the store (possibly in combination with the message about its viewed page) to come forward more strongly Running shoe (general): to repeat the search Running shoe brand (general): to deepen the search/price comparison Running shoe type (specific): to deepen the search/price comparison Up- or cross-sell: for expansion of the (purchased) product.

Content With Enhanced Brand

You can apply Customer Match on the search network, YouTube, and Gmail. The image below shows you where to find Customer Match. Screenshot of Customer Match. When can you use Customer Match? Customers or visitors share their information, including email address, so that the store can keep them informed when the running shoes arrive. You can upload this personal data in Google Ads to the customer list. If the previous visitors Spain Business Fax List are logged in to their Google account, they will see the Rotterdam SportStore advertisements when they use the Google search engine, YouTube and Gmail. Four targeting options with different goals The four targeting options have different goals. You use affinity target groups to increase brand awareness by approaching new customers.


With Enhanced Brand

RLSA audiences allow you to show ads with specific products or categories to people who have already visited your website. And in addition to remarketing, you can also use data that your customers have shared with you, aka Customer Match . This is a handy tool to increase brand awareness and generate conversions.  Remarketing lists for RLSA audiences also indicate that they are close to conversion, but unlike remarketing audiences, in-market audiences may be completely unfamiliar with your brand name and site (and more suitable for acquisition purposes). With Customer Match, you can use your online and offline data to reach your customers or regain their interest via Search, YouTube and Gmail.

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