Conversion API The Conversions API

The update allows you to measure ads for app installations. That gives more clarity about the app conversion.  It is important to do this with the eTLD+1 (effective Top Level Domain plus one). Verifying the domain on Facebook can be done in three ways: HTML upload, DNS verification or Meta-tag Verification. 3. Up to 8 conversion events It is very important to think about which 8 conversion events are the most important for the company and configure them on Facebook. Think of the relevance of the conversion event. This is important because you cannot use a conversion event for optimization if it is not configured. 4. Change your campaign settings Facebook will disable the campaigns that do not comply with the new settings.

API The Conversions API

In this respect: “Range and Frequency” purchase type campaigns and ads created for IOS 14 devices. Campaigns with a campaign optimization different from one of eight custom conversion events. 5. Conversion API The Conversions API is a (must have) alternative to Facebook Pixel. An important difference is that Conversions Senegal Phone Number List API works from your own server instead of a browser. This means you are no longer dependent on cookies. This allows you to send conversion events to Facebook that iOS 14 and/or adblockers have no influence on. The future of advertising The latest iOS update makes it difficult for many businesses to advertise efficiently. Yet it is possible to continue to advertise well. You can use the above ways to effectively capitalize on iOS 14 via Facebook and Instagram. In a market where consumers have hundreds of contact moments with brands via online communications every day, it is more important than ever to distinguish yourself.


The Conversions API

This makes it extremely fruitful to establish yourself as a brand online. Online branding is the art of distinguishing yourself as a brand on a product level. But also, and perhaps more importantly, on an emotional level. Connect with consumers to keep them connected to your brand. But how do you do that most efficiently? What do I get in return for online branding? That’s a question many companies ask when it comes to online branding. Until recently, it was very difficult to say anything about the performance of (online) branding campaigns. Until that’s where Performance Based Branding (PBB) comes into play. Online branding in a performance guise with the aim of making your branding campaigns measurable and transparent. But how do you do that? And which channels do you use?

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