Conversions Although YouTube Is Increasingly

The various marketplaces have also noticed the effect of the corona crisis. Not only in the purchases, but also in the amount of registrations for partners. In recent months, companies have been thinking more about their online presence. They invested more in a (new) webshop or they entered into a partnership with a marketplace. When we saw that online demand was not only increasing in the Netherlands, but also in other European countries, we were able to scale up quickly by turning on more countries at our partner Zalando. – E-commerce manager at a Dutch retail chain. At the start of the crisis, you saw many new web shops appearing, especially in SMEs. The store was closed or there was simply no shoppers. New web shops were launched at a rapid pace.

Although YouTube Is Increasingly

The online presence became increasingly important. Not only for the turnover-increasing activities, but also for good communication towards customers. Still, a number of SMEs had hoped for more. They found out that running a webshop also Turkey B2B List involves costs. Joël Timmerman of the company SchoenenZaken with branches in Groningen, Haren and Zwolle is still not in favor of the use of marketplaces. By offering products on, for example, it is difficult to distinguish yourself. It is also difficult to provide added value.  Only start an online store if you have already built a community with your store.


YouTube Is Increasingly

Otherwise, the marketing costs are incalculable. – Joël Timmerman, Shoe Business But, Joël points out, without an existing customer base it is very difficult online. They started e-commerce last year to introduce their collection to the whole of the Netherlands. They also see customers from the south of the country in the store. “We have invested heavily in our online visibility on social media in recent years. This allows us to grow our webshop organically.” Ecommerce Marketplaces Google search results change “We saw that many companies had other things on their mind lately. Some are busy surviving, but everyone is preoccupied with the uncertainty that the pandemic brings. In the meantime, however, Google is not sitting still. Updates are being rolled out continuously.

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