Creating a Calendar

Influencing Influencers

Building relationships with famous Colombia Phone Numbers bloggers and vloggers called influencers can help you expand your audience over time.

Certain individuals or organizations with a significant following in your industry can mean new opportunities for your business to grow. For this reason, it can be an important investment for your brand to be in contact with popular social media phenomena , to make collaborations and advertising agreements for product promotion.

You can include giving gifts, holding sweepstakes and contests in your plans to increase your engagement with your audience.

administering such activities; While it is full of time-consuming details such as creating rules and guidelines, reviewing submissions, choosing winners, and delivering the promised prize, it will strengthen your brand awareness.

It is important to be consistent about frequency, timing and quality content in social media management.

Creating a calendar that shows when and what you will publish on which platforms will facilitate your work in terms of business plan follow-up.

In addition, it is useful to make the necessary additions to your calendar for dates-specific posts about important days and weeks such as holidays.

You can also note details such as images, text, and links that will be added to this type of calendar for each post.

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Social Media Ads

Creating and publishing social media ads is an integral part of social media management.

Social media advertising will help you reach new audiences who are likely to be interested in your products or services.

In addition, it is possible to make your voice heard with much lower budgets compared to classical advertising channels such as TV and billboards.

If you think that you cannot give the necessary importance to the social media management of your business or you think that you are too busy to spare time and effort, you may have offered your competitors the opportunity to overtake you!

Using tools that can help you manage all your social profiles and posts in one place can be a good solution to save time or hire a social media expert.

Working with social media experts in terms of activities such as publishing quality content, strengthening your communication with your target audience and managing effective campaigns can provide you with extremely important results in expanding your consumer portfolio.

The number of social media users worldwide is 3.5 billion. Of course, it is not possible to ignore this large audience, which has led to the birth of a profession called social media specialist, in terms of marketing strategies.

The importance of social media management is because your customers are active on social media and are often more open to your social media posts than advertising messages.


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