Cybersecurity: What Practices Should Be Adopted In Business?

Like a sword of Damocles, cyberattacks are permanent dangers that threaten all companies, regardless of their size. Worse still, online attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated, threatening the privacy of billions of people’s data. However, companies can protect themselves by taking measures and adopting certain practices. What should they do? One of the surest solutions to deal with cyberattacks is to totally or partially outsource your computer system. This task is entrusted to an external service provider who is responsible for managing, operating and optimizing your computer system. In other words, you must seek the services of external experts to manage and operate the computer.

hardware, computer network, software, data, telecommunication systems… The service provider can do all the work remotely. But, he can also, for more precautions, regularly dispatch an expert to assist you. This is what Expert Line, a network and computer security integrator , a reliable service provider, does for example. Outsourcing services There are several outsourcing services. We can mention the management of the network and the computer park, the maintenance of the material and the improvement of the computer system. Monitoring and securing your company’s IT department is also supported. The different types of outsourcing There are two types of outsourcing:

The Disaster Recovery Plan (Pra)

global outsourcing and partial outsourcing. We speak of global outsourcing when a company decides to completely outsource the management and operation of its IT department. Partial Bahamas Phone Numbers List outsourcing takes into account only part of the IT department. However, this type of outsourcing includes several services, namely: Hardware outsourcing; Operations outsourcing. The Help Desk; Computer remote control. Hardware outsourcing supports the installation and maintenance of computer equipment . In short, it deals with the management of hardware, software and software packages. As for operational outsourcing, it deals with the operation of information systems. This concerns, among other things, hosting and applications.

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When employees encounter difficulties with computer equipment, it is necessary to offer them appropriate assistance. This is the role of the Help Desk. Finally, if you decide to improve the use of your computer resources, you must turn to computer remote control. Thus, you will be able to put at your service specialized external skills with better availability. Benefits of outsourcing for a business The advantages of outsourcing are numerous: Reduced IT costs; Optimization of the computer system; Time saving ; Great flexibility; Control of technological evolution. According to statistics, outsourcing can reduce the IT budget by 10 to 15%. Outsourcing offers the company the opportunity to focus solely on its business. But, at the same time, it can take advantage of the best methods of managing , maintaining and troubleshooting computer systems.

Do Not Neglect The Security Of The Information System

Do not neglect the security of the information system To face the permanent threats of the pirates, you must imperatively think of the security of the information system (ISS). This is really to prevent intrusion into your system, theft, modification and misuse of your data. The company or the external service provider will therefore be responsible for the management and regulation of security. The task will also consist of securing identities, infrastructures and applications. management of security events and incidents (SIEM) is also into account. The ISS is done using tools such as: The firewall; Antivirus, antispam, anti-intrusion; The Disaster Recovery Plan (PRA); The Business Continuity Plan (BCP); The backup plan; Security audit; Vulnerability analysis.

The firewall To protect yourself, you can set up an invisible wall that will filter threats. What network traffic is good or bad for the system? What are the reliable elements? It is this role that the firewall plays. It is software or hardware used to protect the IS from possible intrusions. The Disaster Recovery Plan (PRA) The company must be able to rebuild or restart its information system when it is affected after a major disaster (loss of data, cyber attack, etc.). To avoid a paralysis of activities, measures must be taken. This is why it is advisable to draw up a set of procedures which will clearly establish the actions to be carried out in an emergency. The document must also specify the completion deadline, the priority data to , the people  etc.

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