Conversion Data When You Switch

Measure what is specifically important to you Don’t rely on benchmarks or meta studies that lump together the effects of hundreds of advertisers. Basically what Byron Sharp, Les Binet, Shapiro are all doing. Build your own measuring instruments so that you actually measure what is relevant in your specific market and business. And from which you expect effects. We can use the results of meta-studies to simplify reality and to draw up applicable rules of thumb. But I see Byron Sharpe and Les Binet more as religion than science. A conviction and belief in the effect of advertising. Although substantiated by analyses, it is certainly far from the truth. Experimentation is important Embrace an experimental culture related to marketing communications.

Data When You Switch

The experiment is an important instrument in this: vary the use of media, measure the effects, switch things on and off, make experiments measurable by conducting them convincingly and with sufficient scale. Not only advertising is important There are many more variables that affect your market share, revenue and transactions than Angola B2B List advertising alone. Know these variables and quantify their influence. Also consider the specific dynamics in the market and the competitive field. How many alternatives are there for the consumer? Out-smarting your competitor is a game in itself. So do not rely solely on the data from ad servers to derive and calculate effects. Leave room for nuance Be critical of (research) agencies that draw oversimplified conclusions. This is often based on far too small samples with large margins of error and therefore unfounded.


When You Switch

Of course, a researcher or agency would rather be able to give firm advice than admit they aren’t sure. Because what else are you paying them for? It is also important that as a client you leave room for nuance and do not get frustrated with sincere advice and sometimes ‘I don’t know’.¬† DMP technology allows you to detect existing customers, so you don’t spend money on recruiting this group. So this kind of technology helps to reduce the selection effect. Also think of data activation processes where you can create very concrete groups in CRM data (people who buy little or start churn, for example). The suggestion from the articles in The Correspondent that advertising doesn’t work and generates even less sales is partially true, but only within specific markets, strategies and situations.

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